How Long After VE Day Was VJ Day (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 3 months

The victories in the yesteryears are celebrated in great pomp and show. They are remembered the whole time, to give a proper flashback memory of what it all took to get the event memorable. However, it became more significant when it was related to world war 2. 



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The surrender of the armed forces of Germany, and that with the formal acceptance with the allies, is considered as the VE Day. This day is also known as Victory in Europe Day. Getting to the precise date, it is on the 8th of May, when it is celebrated on the earth. It also signifies the wrap on world war 2, actually in Europe. It is celebrated every year annually, from 1945 till now.

How Long After VE Day Was VJ Day

How Long After VE Day Was VJ Day?

VE Day Held On 8th May 1945
VJ Day Held On15th August
1945 World War 2 Lasted ForSix Years And A Day

It is always really special when something ruthless, like a war, comes to an end. The same happened with Germany and Japan, in their own way. Although they were gained in the same year of 1945, there was a 3-month gap in between this terrific full stop to the world. The VE day or the Victory of Europe Day is celebrated on the 8th of march, while the VJ DAY or the Victory of japan day was celebrated on the 15th of august.

These two countries were some sort of the most exploited and the worst affected states in the whole world, with world war 2, after the United States. Well, regarding that issue, it is Europe and North America, where the VE Day is witnessed in a great sense. It is given as a reference that both these places were preoccupied with the national flags, and banners of joy were flown and hung out in rejoice. 

However, in the same way in Japan, the VJ Day is remarked as the very full stop to the scariest war in history. The whole world witnessed peace wrapped within happiness after this day, once the president declared the treaty of unconditional surrender of the country in the evening. Hence, not only in Japan but in the whole world it is remarked as an official end to this hazardous destruction and a further step towards peace. 

Well, whatever it is, it took almost 3 months after the victory in Europe to finally wrap the whole thing up with the victory in Japan. Hence, it is a gap of 3 months after VE Day that VJ Day is celebrated. 

Why Was VJ Day So Long After VE Day?

Everything related to world politics needs nonetheless a lot of time to extinguish. Compensating the opinions and viewpoints of millions of people and numbers of countries is not a layman’s job. And, when something devastating and horrible topic like world war jumps in, the thing becomes more sensitive and more intriguing for everyone, to make an opinion. 

It was on the 8th of May when the Nazis declared a stop to their rule and fight in the second world war. However, before that millions of people succumbed to death, and millions were just wounded to almost death. But, with the support of millions of people, Europe celebrated the Allied victory in Europe. However, deep down it never meant a scorching stop for the whole world war.

The soldiers and the men who were in the service still ran down towards the pacific and the far eastern world to put a vibrant conclusion on the fight for three months. However, with the surrender of Japan, the USS Missouri signed the formal surrender files on the 2nd of September, mentioning the official and final victory over Japan.

But it was Japan who was attacked with the atom bomb, simultaneously and respectively in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, within due time. But they had nothing of a real clue to fight against the strong contenders, and get a winning way out of this. Hence, at last, they had to surrender and put a final pin to this world war coffin. And it is the sole reason why it took three more months after VE Day to celebrate VJ Day. 


However, in the whole world, it is the only country in Germany, where VE Day is never celebrated. Rather, it is decided to keep a black day in the history of the nation and remember the martyrs who led their life through death for the country. 

It is also believed that Germans take an oath not to repeat history in the future, which can lead to a dance of death. But it is always remembered as the day of eternal and global peace with both the VE and VJ day celebrations. It was none less than a bad dream for the world to witness, but finally, after 3 months of VE day, VJ did hold.   


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