How Long After TNG is Voyager (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Seven Months, Twenty Four Days

Entertainment comes in all sorts. In every nook and corner of the world, various forms of entertainment can be found. While some countries prefer watching dramas, plays and anything theatrical, some developed countries loved watching TVs. Television is, was, and will always be considered as one of the biggest developments of mankind.

Once you switch on the TV, you will be pulled towards it. It provides you entertainment, news, facts, information, and almost anything relevant to the real world.

While some people prefer watching news and cinema, which includes movies, some, especially, young adults are more attracted to television shows and series. Many countries produce extraordinary television series. One among them is America.

Star Trek was a popular American Science Fiction Series, which was also developed into various films.

How Long After TNG is Voyager

How Long After TNG Is Voyager?

Name of the Television SeriesThe genre of the SeriesPeriod of the Entire SeriesOwned byMerchandise
Star TrekAmerican Science Fiction, which was created based on the 1960’s television series Star Trek, “The Original Series”The Original Series was aired in 1965 and lasted till 1969. It was followed by multiple series and filmsThe Original Series was owned by NBC, while The present is owned by CBSMerchandise for the series includes Books, Comics, Games, Magazines

Star Trek is one of the best and oldest television series in the USA. American Science Fiction is very much welcomed by many all across the globe. The television series was first developed in the 1960s by Gene Roddenberry. The original series logo is one of the most popular logos of American Television of All Time.

The Original Series was initially owned by CBS Studios, and it has many comics, novels, books, and magazines as merchandise. The Original Series of Star Trek was first aired on September 8, 1966, and had about three seasons.

The story is about the voyages of a space exploration ship, The USS Enterprise Starship. This was built by the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd Century, which is technically our future.

Why Is A Significant Amount Of Duration Present Between The Voyager And The Next Generation (TNG)?

But, after the success of The Original Series of Star Trek, further series and movies were filmed. The timeline is classified into The Original Series Era, Post-Original Series Era (rebirth), Post-Roddenberry television era, Rebooted film series, and finally Expansion of the Star Trek Universe, which is going on currently.

Some of the marvelous series in this huge set include The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and many more.

The Next Generation (TNG) precedes The Voyager. Star Trek: The Next Generation is abbreviated as TNG. It is about a new starship, and a fresh crew operating it. TNG was first aired in 1987 and lasted up to 1994, about eight years, which is a long duration. It was the complete set of seven seasons, and it was technically the highest-rated show in this long series.

TNG is the basis of Voyager and Deep Space Nine. If you haven’t watched TNG, you will be confused once you watch it. The Voyager started in 1995, a while after TNG, and lasted up to 2001. The USS Enterprise Starship. It introduced the first female lead in this series, and also aired seven seasons. Deep Space Nine and The Voyager nearly happened during the same period.

But, since TNG is the basis of The Voyager, The Voyager was aired about seven months after The Next Generation. The Next Generation premiered in 1987 and The Voyager began in 1995, only after the end of TNG.


Star Trek is one of the oldest television series, which is still creating new movies and episodes even now. Still considered as one of the finest television series even after all these years, Star Trek was initially inspired by a series of various novels.

Star Trek has received numerous awards. In 1968, the five nominees of the Hugo Award were all episodes of Star Trek, which remains a huge honor. If you are looking for an authentic American Science Fiction Series, Star Trek will for sure top the list.


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  1. I find the science fiction genre intriguing and Star Trek really stands out. The series has achieved so much over the years.

  2. I never really understood the appeal of Star Trek until reading this. It seems much more interesting than I realized.

    1. I’m glad to hear that, Evans. The depth of the Star Trek universe makes it a unique and compelling series.

  3. The way the different series interrelate is fascinating. The Next Generation and Voyager tie so closely together.

    1. Absolutely, Ward Mark. The connections between different Star Trek series create a rich narrative web.

  4. The lasting relevance of Star Trek as a classic series is impressive. Not many series maintain relevance over such a long period of time.

  5. The depth of the Star Trek universe can’t be denied. It’s a testament to its creative vision and storytelling.

    1. Absolutely, Ayoung. Star Trek’s creative universe has left a lasting impact on the science fiction genre.

  6. I question the value of dedicating an article to a TV series timeline. There are more important topics to cover.

    1. While other topics are important, Bphillips, understanding the legacy of influential series like Star Trek contributes to a broader cultural appreciation.

  7. I appreciate the detailed timeline and historical significance of Star Trek. It adds a deeper understanding of the series.

    1. Agreed, Theo29. The historical context is important in recognizing Star Trek’s place in television history.

  8. Star Trek’s place in science fiction history is remarkable. The series stands as a hallmark of the genre.

    1. There’s no denying Star Trek’s impact, Victoria59. It’s spawned a devoted fanbase and has influenced countless creators in the genre.

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