How Long After Ocarina Of Time Is Breath Of The Wild (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 13 to 19 Years

The Legend of Zelda’s Ocarina of Time is regarded as one of the best video games to date. And specifically, it has now turned into 20. It holds a lot of respect for performing a greater role in making virtual gaming into 3D action. The influence on the designs of making modern games is considered as its brand new blockbuster releases. But talking about its tendency in the timetable, it also has the effect of dividing every game of Zelda into various timetables ever possible.



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And recently people got the best of the Breath of the Wild, and the population across the world considered it as the best Zelda since the release of Ocarina of Time. So now fans are dying to figure out the connection with other Zelda games. But due to some unexpected events in 2011, Nintendo confirmed what others suspected the expectations of fans which they made to connect with other games came down. 

How Long After Ocarina Of Time Is Breath Of The Wild

How Long After Ocarina Of Time Is Breath Of The Wild?

The actual Time Period took10 to 13 Years
Expected Time Period            13 to 19 Years

So coming to the point of the matter, the official timeline got causes that aroused every single time a new game was announced. This is because the die-hard fans wanted to make the game out of the box and highlight the flow chart they create. But most unfortunately what happened is, that those who were in search of the answers, came in as that most Zelda games revealed about when they are going to take place as part of this game. 

Now again that was the point that happens with the Skyward Sword and in present, it happened the same that the Breath of Wild went out in the boxes. Though it had some slight spoilers, the game doesn’t give any hint as everything in it was made blurry to make any spoilers that happened in the Zelda timeline.

But making a point in it, there are actually a lot of spoilers to provide a guess making it too easy to say where the breath of wild fits in the timeline. Talking about the show, in that it is said that the breath in the wild will make an appearance or will take place after the twilight princess. 

As said many spoilers we’re left before to guess what’s going to happen next. The producers of this game must have sensed in 2011. They sense it all before in too. But before there was no option apart from releasing it that time. But now times have changed and maybe when the producers sensed all about these spoilers they decided to back out for some time. And this took them around 13 to 19 Years exactly from the year Ocarina of Time was released. 

Why Is Breath Of The Wild So Long After Ocarina Of Time? 

So before proceeding further into the world of these Zelda games, a thing must get cleared. And that thing is all the statements made either about Zelda games, Ocarina of time, or Breath of the wild is the result of thorough research and analysis and mere Assumptions. So now as we have already answered that how long will it take, it’s time to proceed further. 

Now proceeding further another question will make its way through the minds that why it took this long to be in stores. So answering this we go through certain aspects of the Zelda timeline to the Breath of the wild. Based on the setting and the story of Breathe of the Wild, it was pretty clear that Link’s brand new adventure got into action after all the others. 

The actual problem which came out is that the Zelda timeline diverged after the Ocarina of time. In one Timeline it was where the Link is defeated by Ganondorf, which takes the series of Link into the past. But in the timeline where Link tastes victory, the audience diverges again, and this time they went into Majora’s Mask for the Child Link and Wind Waker going for the Adult Link.

So this big question always arises, that in which timeline does the breath of the wild conclude. And answering all of them Nintendo stuck in the end. So this became the reason behind why it took them 13 to 19 years to release this breath of the wild once the completion of the Ocarina of Time. It happens because so and so problems made the producers stuck in it.


So at last but not least, we got our answers why it was this late for the fans to encounter breathe of the wild once the completion of the Ocarina of time. Maybe the original brand new breathe of the wild had many spoilers even from the beginning. Yet it didn’t fail to connect with the players.

Apart from it, the call of this long wait by the producers had their own reasons, to which they didn’t make any specific answer. So it’s better to let that and go and enjoy the breath of the wild as it was a treat to their fans after this long wait!



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