How Long After Vomiting Can You Eat (And Why)?

How Long After Vomiting Can You Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer:  After 24 hours

Throwing up is a forceful act of discharge by the stomach making them come out which is also known as Vomiting. It is something like which can be described as a one-time occurrence caused by the stomach which can be linked to something that didn’t cohabit right in the stomach. But sometimes due to some other medical conditions, recurrent vomiting is caused.

This vomiting in regular intervals of time can also lead to dehydration and if left untreated is proven to be life-threatening for the individual.

Various kinds of vomiting happen to us. Like some people sometimes get dry heaves where a person retches and it feels to him or her as they will vomit but nothing happens. This is because anything doesn’t come out of your stomach. These dry heaves can also be called non-productive emesis.

How Long After Vomiting Can You Eat

How Long After Vomiting Can You Eat?

For One Time Occurrence of VomitingAt least After 8 Hours
How long does vomit lastMaximum 6 hours
For Some Recurring VomitingAt least After 24 Hours

After vomiting, it is advised and mandatory that something must not be eaten or drunk for several hours after such an issue. Take water by sipping and suck ice chips in small amounts every 15 Minutes for three to four hours from the time the person vomited. The next thing that is to be done is that Some fine and clear liquids which are available are to get sipped by the person every 20 minutes for three to four hours from the time the person vomited.

Such clear fluids include things like normally available water, some sort of sports drink, gelatin, apple juice, flat soda, popsicles, or clear broth. But a piece of advice is to be kept in mind that, any type of citrus juices or milk should strictly be avoided and not be drunk. And try to increase fluid as possible.

And then, if or whenever you start feeling fine and comfortable. But if a person would feel that he or she can tolerate these clear liquids for the next hours without vomiting and if that person also feels hungry then the next thing to be done is to take small amounts of bland foods. Foods such as rice, dry toast bananas, soda crackers or applesauce can be consumed as this certain group of foods are a BRAT diet.


Try avoiding foods for 24 to 48 hours after the last time it vomited. This is because it can irritate or it may be difficult to digest foods or beverages like caffeine, milk, oil, or fats, alcohol, or cheese. And when it feels like the bland food taken is also tolerable and comfortable for the person, then it is fine and then the person can start having his or her normal diet.

Why Can You Eat So Long After Vomiting?

Before going deep into this ongoing topic, a thing must be made clear that all the statements made or facts and figures given are only based upon thorough research about the topic including mere assumptions. So now as already, we have answered how long it should take to eat after vomiting.

Now, another question will pop up in your mind: why should it take this amount of time to eat some digestive food after a hefty vomiting session. It needs valid answers to justify why it takes this long. So let’s go through the seasons ahead.

Vomiting is quite painful and unpleasant. Nausea is a more satisfying reason for this debilitating sensation which makes a person feel that he or she needs to vomit to get free from it. And according to a report which surprisingly suggests that 60% of adults face this dilemma of vomiting quite once or twice at a point of time in a year. It also triggers a person’s brain which handles the emotional and chemical parts of us.


It may stimulate our nervous system which makes a person’s stomach muscles dysfunctional, and this very reason is quite efficient to make a person feel like vomiting. This mainly counters the problem that eating can be much challenging when you feel ill and at that time food and water are the must requirements for proper hydration, which will help replace lost electrolytes and help the person’s stomach get stabilized. All these sums up the reason to wait.


So now from the discussion and the research on the concerned topic it is quite clear that how long and why this long period to wait to eat or continue our normal diet after vomiting. It is always considered better to stay away from solid foods as there is still some danger that the person may again vomit.

This is because the person’s digestion is also very much wrecked, so it’s better to keep him or her away from these foods. But it is also necessary to keep the person fed by something to maintain the energy level in his body to make him stay conscious. So it will be better if only fluids are being kept intact with the person.


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