How Long After Vomiting Can You Return To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 48 Hours

Vomiting can be caused due to a variety of factors such as traveling, eating too much food, diseases, food poison, unpleasant visuals like too much blood and internal organs of our bodies in movies or accidents, and so on.

So after vomiting, you should rest and if the reason for vomiting is some viral infection or food poison, or any diseases, you should take proper medication or get admitted to a hospital as soon as possible.

In this modern era, everything is changing every day like fashion, lifestyle, and food habits. These changing food habits are not good for our health and may cause many problems in our body.

How Long After Vomiting Can You Return To Work

How Long After Vomiting Can You Return To Work?

Reasons for vomitingWhen can I return to work?
Consumption of alcohol1 day
Viral infection1 week or more
Traveling or unpleasant visuals or disgusting smell5 to 6 hours
Food poisoning2 days to 1 week

Take, for example, you ate too much. You will start feeling discomfort and eventually, you will vomit. In this case, resting for a while like for 2 to 3 hours is more than enough. This is because your stomach is not able to take more food and you had to vomit. Other than that there are no other problems in your body.

It is good that you had vomited in this situation. Similarly, drinking too much alcohol may cause you to vomit. In this case, resting for 1 day is enough. You will just feel a headache and it flies away later. Vomiting is good as it removes the toxins that shouldn’t be present in our bodies. Another great example is food poisoning. Food poison occurs when you eat food that has bad oil or rotten vegetables or expired ingredients and so on.

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Vomiting is our body’s way of eliminating food that is not suited for us. In case of food poisoning, one should rest for at least 2 days to 1 week, which depends on the seriousness of the patient. Another most common thing which causes vomiting is when people see or smell something disgusting or awkward.

Like some might hate the smell of seafood and they may vomit or when someone hates the sight of too much blood they may vomit. In cases like this, resting few hours and doing something calm is more than enough and you will feel much better and can do any kind of work.

Why Can I Return To Work Only After 48 Hours?

Our body feels tired after vomiting and we must rest. Doing any work after vomiting can lead to headaches, swelling under the eyes, tiredness, and so on. Having good food every day can prevent you from lots of health problems. Drinking lemon water after vomiting can save you from migraines.

Have you seen people smelling lemon? It is a good method to prevent yourself from vomiting. If you are a person who cannot handle traveling like in a bus, car, or ship, always take a lemon with you. I would not say that it will work for everyone but it does have good effects on some people. Having only liquids like juices after vomiting will help you recover faster.

Children have less immunity and are prone to vomiting and diarrhea more often. They should be given proper care and food which will help them recover faster or else it could lead to more severe problems or diseases. Viral infections are one of the reasons one might vomit. In these cases, if you go to work the infection may spread. This is not good for you and also for the people around you.

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Fever, cold, cough, vomiting, and so on are some of the symptoms of viral infections. If you have any of these symptoms kindly stay away from people and take the proper medications and treatments. At the same time, vomiting is not something you should worry about. Some might get scared and think that they may be affected by some severe disease. Just remember that fear can also be a poison that can kill you.


Vomiting is good. So don’t try to control it. If you want to vomit, just vomit. It is a way of getting rid of things that are not supposed to be in your stomach. Take some hot beverages like green tea or warm water or lemon water after vomiting, have a good sleep, and stop worrying. Keep your mind and body calm and relax.

Have fruits rich in vitamin C and consume less amount of packaged food. Avoid consuming alcohol if you hate vomiting. Vomiting can be prevented and cured easily and proper rest and good food habits will keep you healthy.



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