How Long After Vomiting Can You Swim (And Why)?

How Long After Vomiting Can You Swim (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least A Day Or Two

It’s not every day you get sick or come up with some sickness. Certain health issues can be easily dealt with if you could abstain from certain activities for a while. You can take prescribed medicines or the required pharmaceutical drugs at the right time. There are various reasons one could get sick, like climate change, allergy, and anything else that doesn’t suit your health.

Among various symptoms of sickness, some show up for most of the health issues, like vomiting. And if you vomit due to any reason, there are some leisure activities you should keep yourself away from and one of the most important is swimming.

So, it is necessary to stay away from water and swimming for at least a day or two. But, in case of any sort of bug, you need to stay away for at least a week or two.

How Long After Vomiting Can You Swim

How Long After Vomiting Can You Swim?

Reasons for vomitingThings to avoidWays to cure
Various reasons cause vomiting like motion or sea sickness, diarrhea, pregnancy, medications, intense pain or emotional stress, food poisoning, stomach flu, and much moreGreasy, fried, and sweet foods and activities like swimmingThere are many over the counter (OTC) medicines like Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol, and any other antiemetics that will help you stop vomit

Vomiting or nausea is one of the symptoms where one throws up anything they ate before. It also makes you feel dizzy, feels numb in the mouth or tongue, and sometimes even headaches and stomach aches.

There are various reasons their one feels like vomiting and experience nausea like motion sickness that occurs when you travel through air or road, seasickness, vomit-inducing medications, intense pain or any sort of emotional stress caused due to fear or anxiety, infections that can be caused due to stomach flu and finally food poisoning, and there are even diseases that can cause nausea.


When you get nausea or feel like vomiting, you can use certain home remedies that will help you control the sensation, like smelling or tasting lemon and eating something sour. But you can also try having OTC medicines like antiemetics that will help you reduce vomiting. Medicines like Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol, and any other medicine that contains bismuth subsalicylate. This will assist you in protecting your stomach lining and reduce vomiting.

Why Shouldn’t You Swim For At Least A Day Or Two After Vomiting?

There are many things you should avoid and do to clear up vomiting. You can drink clear liquids at ice-cold temperature, eat light and bland foods, and eat them slowly in small portions.

You should not eat greasy, fried, or sweet foods and never mix up hot and cold foods. There are also certain activities you should avoid, that could worsen the situation, like swimming.

There are various reasons why you shouldn’t take a dip or swim in the pool after you just vomited. Because, if you start swimming immediately after, your stomach might turn and you would feel uncomfortable. Sometimes water can even worsen the conditions.


So, if you want to swim, you better wait for at least a day before swimming again.

But, if you have been contradicted with infections or illnesses like diarrhea or stomach flu, it is better to stay out of any swimming pool for at least 2 weeks.

Because, you might contradict any sort of bug from the pool, or you can infect others who swim in the pool if your infection spreads through the pool water.


So, it is better if you avoid swimming for at least a day for normal nausea reasons and stay out of the pool for at least a week if the vomit is caused due to any sort of viral or bacterial infection. If you do get into the pool without precautions, you can always visit a medical expert.

You can take medicines and make sure you take the necessary measures of healing before getting into the pool.

So, avoid swimming if you are trying to keep yourself from vomiting. If it is an emergency, you need to take the required precautionary measures, because sometimes the symptoms of vomiting might last for long after you take medicines.



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  1. I don’t think vomiting is linked to not being able to go swimming. I have done it before, and nothing happened.

    1. You’re not taking the proper precautions. It’s still not good for your stomach and the others who use the pool.

    1. That’s a common misconception but it’s important to stay out of the pool to avoid further complications.

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