How Long After Vyvanse Can I Drink (And Why)?

How Long After Vyvanse Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 12-14 hours

Vyvanse is the brand name of a stimulant drug named Lisdexamfetamine sold in the name of Vyvanse. It is a medicinal drug used to cure ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a very common Neurological Chronic condition. ADHD is seen in children during their childhood to teenage between the age gap of 6 to 17. The medication is used to treat binge-eating disorders in adults. 

Vyvanse is a derivative of Amphetamine. It is an oral drug. Overdose of medicinal drugs is always harmful. So, one should forbid the usage of these drugs without the consultation of a doctor. Also, this drug requires guidelines that must be followed by the individual while consuming it.

How Long After Vyvanse Can I Drink

How Long After Vyvanse Can I Drink?

Time for which Vyvanse stays in our body 2-3 days
Time after which one can drink14 hours

Alcohol consumption is very much common in individuals. But certain drugs require strict guidelines related to alcohol consumption after taking the drug or even during ingesting it. Vyvanse targets the Central Nervous System as it tends to cure Nervous disorders. One should consume alcohol without precautions that may prove fatal. 

Vyvanse is a controlled substance and can cause addiction and few side effects too. Intake of Alcohol with Vyvanse was not mentioned under the category of concern by the drug manufacturers. It makes people less hesitant to take both substances together or one after another in a short time gap.

But many complications may arise if we take Vyvanse and alcohol together in a short time gap. Mixing Vyvanse and alcohol may increase blood pressure levels. This, in return, can affect heart health and can also cause a threat to the body. Also, there is a risk of Alcohol poisoning as Vyvance can lower the aftereffects of drinking. It may result in drinking out of the limit. The same can happen with the Vyvanse part as alcohol also affects the action of Vyvanse and overdose problems may arise.


Basic effects come into play after a few hours of taking it. But, it may last up to a minimum amount of time. During that period, proper precautions are necessary to safeguard the action of the drug on the body. The time interval of action may last up to 12 hours as mentioned by many medical sources. But taking the consultation of a doctor makes it much more understandable. 

Why Is Taking Alcohol And Vyvanse Together Not Advisable?

Physical dependence may happen towards many drugs and Vyvanse is no exception. If a person develops an addiction to Vyvanse and at the same time he will consume alcohol too, it becomes a combination of drug and alcohol addiction also called polysubstance abuse. This will disturb the life of individuals and also adversely affect their health.

Apart from the increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, chest pains, mood swings, cardiac arrest all such medical conditions may arise if both these substances were consumed together without any proper amount of dosage. The thing is it’s quite a common case observed in many people but mixing both the stimulant and the alcohol is itself a very severe misuse that must be prohibited. 

There are very few chances of interaction between Vyvanse and alcohol as proven by many studies. But still, short-term side effects remain intact if misused. Apart from the side effects of taking stimulants with alcohol, the stimulant itself possesses some side effects they may experience after taking it. Although long-term effects are not discussed in medical studies, the threat still exists as overdose and addiction can last till death if not treated or detoxified.


The average time taken for Vyvanse to act upon the body is between 1.5 hours to 2 hours for different age gaps between 6 to 17 years old. Then it lasts for some 12-13 hours after the dosage. For binge-eating disorder, it may take a long time such as 12 weeks to show results.


The evaluation of usage of any stimulants should be carried out before taking any. It’s always advisable to discuss the issues with a professional doctor. One should also take prescriptions for dosage. Consuming both Vyvanse and Alcohol together or in a short period can result in the problems discussed above but can be treated if the limits exceed.

Many medics and healthcare professionals provide detoxification solutions that change the lives of individuals involved in addiction or overdose issues. So contacting them may prove beneficial for people with these issues.


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