How Long After an Eyelash Lift Can I Shower (And Why)?

How Long After an Eyelash Lift Can I Shower (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 48 Hours

Nowadays, a lash lift treatment is one of the trendiest makeup treatments. Most people, especially women get this treatment in order to get thick, curled, and natural-looking enhanced eyelashes. It gains popularity because of being a fairly quick, painless, and relatively cheaper treatment. There is no glueing or eye extensions are involved in this process. You don’t even need any touch-ups after this treatment as it offers more lasting (up to 12 weeks) results.

Since a lash lift treatment includes the application of some chemical solution on eyelashes, so experts recommend avoiding exposing your eyelashes to water or other sources of moisture to give chemical time to set in. You should be aware of the important lash-lift aftercare routine for better results.

How Long After an Eyelash Lift Can I Shower

How Long After an Eyelash Lift Can I Shower?

Shower TypeTime
Short Shower 24 Hours (Same day)
Washing Your face Or Long ShowerAfter 48 Hours

It is one of the frequently asked questions regarding the eyelash lift treatment that how long after a lash lift can I wash my face or take shower?

After lash lift treatment, you should be extra careful with the next 24 hrs. It is the most crucial time period of the aftercare routine as your lashes are freshly treated. In this period, you might feel irritation, itchiness, or redness in your eyes. In case you feel such problems then contact your artist or dermatologist. Well! you can take short showers the very same day but be careful when you shower. Try not to get treated lashes wet. Don’t take long showers otherwise, you might ruin it.

Eyelash Extensions

But when it comes to washing your face or direct spray on your face, you need to know that you should wash your face or take a long shower normally after 48 hours of the lash lift treatment. Because it takes up to 48 hrs to settle the eyelashes perfectly. During this time period, you should avoid rubbing your eyes and exposing your eyelashes to water or other sources of moisture.

You should not apply mascara or other eye makeup because these products can harm your flexible and freshly treated eyelashes. Before you are allowed to wash your face or take a long shower properly, you can use wet cotton pads to clean your face.

Why Does It Take Longer to Shower After A Lash Lift?

According to an expert’s advice, you should not take a long shower and get the treated area wet for up to 48 hours after lash lift treatment. This is because your lashes can take around 48 hrs to set themselves perfectly. Steam will not do your lashes good and if the eyelashes get hot or wet, the lift of lashes would drop and you will not get a satisfactory result.

It might also be possible that the products you are using for the shower may cause harm to the treated area. Because most of the products such as body wash, face wash, shampoo, or soap contain alcohol, oil, or other chemicals which can weaken the adhesive binding of lashes and can cause the extension to fall out of your original eyelash. You should keep yourself away from the shower jets because the surge of the water might cause friction and can cause harm to your lifted eyelashes.


This is the healing period for your eyelashes as it helps to strengthen the adhesive binding of the eyelashes. After this, you will get a natural curl and lift to your eyelashes. The more you will be careful in this time period, the better the outcome will be. Once the lashes get settled, you can shower or even swim whenever you want.


So, if you going to get eyelash lift treatment then you should be aware of all the aftercare rules before getting it. Then only you’ll get results in the same way you want. Just be extra careful for the first 48 hours. Avoid rubbing your eyes and keep your eyelashes away from water or other forms of moisture. After that, you can relax and continue your normal behavior. By doing these practices, you’ll surely be able to relish your beautiful, curled, and luscious eyelashes for the next few months.


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