How Long After Klonopin Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Four Hours

Klonopin, which is more popularly known as Clonazepam, falls under the category of tranquilizers and is widely used for treating medical conditions related to panic disorders and seizures. Medical experts also use it for treating Akathisia, which is a type of movement disorder observed in many patients.

The molecular structure of Klonopin is quite complex and contains three aromatic cycles. The molecular formula of the compound has fifteen carbon atoms and a solitary chlorine atom. It also contains three nitrogen and three oxygen atoms. The Hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences. The molecular weight of the drug is 315.71 grams per mole.

How Long After Klonopin Can I Drink

How Long After Klonopin Can I Drink?

Generally, doctors recommend not to take alcohol while taking any medicine. This is because alcohol reacts negatively with the essential medicines, thereby leading to side effects. Hence, it is advised to cut down alcohol consumption while following a daily routine of medicines. While you are taking tranquilizers such as Klonopin, you need to remember that alcohol does not reduce the effectiveness of these types of tranquilizers. Still, excess alcohol during the period of medication may lead to other side effects.

There are various types of medications related to tranquilizers. While consuming them after consuming alcohol may lead to dangerous effects, one should be mindful of the prescribed medication. Any side effect, if noticed, should be talked of to the doctor at the earliest. Intake of alcohol and Klonopin may lead to side effects like excess sweat, leading to breathlessness, increased heartbeat rate, and flushing. If the side effects persist for a longer time, there are chances of getting a heart stroke and other heart diseases that can be fatal, and the patient can lose its life. The combination of Klonopin and alcohol may also lead to side effects like a sudden increase in blood pressure and damage of other vital organs like the liver and kidney.

Dosage Of KlonopinTime After Klonopin To Take Alcohol
Regular DoseFour hours
High DoseTen hours

It is not advised to consume alcohol immediately after taking Klonopin. If a regular dose of Klonopin is taken, then alcohol should be avoided for four hours. If a person feels the need to take a high dose of the drug, then it must be ensured that no alcohol enters the body in the next ten hours.

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Why Does It Take That Long After Klonopin To Drink?

Intake of alcohol and medications related to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol may prove harmful to the liver. It may lead to a significant decrease in blood pressure, leading to bleeding in the liver and liver damage. One should try to avoid alcohol irrespective of whether one is under medication or not. Alcohol leads to serious health issues, which lead to death.

The instructions mentioned on the label states the food items and drinks not to take during medication. You should always follow that without any deviation. In addition to that, you should even talk to your doctor when the prescription of medicine. The doctor would suggest some solutions based on your age, your medication, and your health condition. If your doctor forbids you from drinking alcohol, then you should follow his/her advice. Drinking alcohol during a medication can disrupt the body’s sleep hours, thereby not providing enough rest.


It takes that long after Klonopin to drink because of the complications involved. On noticing such adverse reactions to alcohol and Klonopin, one should rush to the doctor as soon as possible. Besides these, consumption of alcohol and other such narcotic substances should be completely stopped until the completion of the drug. One should even drink lots of water to reduce the negative signs.


Overall, it can be concluded that Klonopin is one of the most widely prescribed drugs used for treating various medical conditions. The drug is very much effective and is preferred by medical experts worldwide. However, it is not good to consume alcohol with this drug as the side effects can be deadly for the patient.

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On average, a person must wait for four hours after taking Klonopin to drink alcohol. They may either reduce their effectiveness or make them toxic and fatal for the body. Women should be more cautious as they have comparatively low amounts of enzymes needed to break down alcohol in the body.


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