How Long After Wisdom Teeth Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 – 48 hours

Wisdom teeth start growing at the age of 18-20 years after all the adult teeth grow up. People have 4 wisdom teeth, mostly 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom jawlines. Some people have no pain or line up while growing wisdom teeth.

Most probably it’s noticed that while the wisdom teeth grew the pain started in the mouth as the molars had completely dominated the jawline which has no space for the growth of wisdom teeth, which causes pain and also sometimes results in impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth come after puberty when an individual hits an adult.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Can I Eat

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Can I Eat?

After removal of wisdom teeth24-48 hours
Time is taken for removal of wisdom teeth3 hours

As we all must stay aware of the fact that wisdom teeth don’t get a proper room in the jawlines to grow properly which may lead to improper teeth shape and orientation, it may even grow horizontally. Sometimes, we may find that the wisdom teeth don’t merge out properly and stay in the gum which is called impacted wisdom teeth. So doctors recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to ensure a perfect jawline without infections in the future.

When wisdom teeth come first, you may experience some pain at first. This is normal in most cases. In case you want to remove wisdom teeth, you need to follow proper methods given by the dentist before the removal. The process is a little painful but is without side effects. After the removal, you need to follow the dentist’s advice also.

Wisdom Teeth

One should keep in mind that after the removal of teeth, till the soft tissue under the teeth gets repaired we have to take care of it. Otherwise, we can even face the problem which we were trying to remove which is an infection in the jawlines and a weakening of teeth roots which results in tooth decay.

So, after the removal of teeth in minimum, we take a break of 24-48 hours break from the solid foods and we should opt for liquid foods or soft foods because the crunchy spicy or acidic food may react in the soft tissues of the jawlines and may result in pain, infection even swelling in the face.

Why Can I Eat So Long After Wisdom Teeth?

If we go into depth, then we can find that 24 – 48 hours is just a minimum duration after the removal and the maximum time if we look it’s up to 7 days of the removal of teeth. Generally, one should not use a straw at least for 5 to 6 days after the actual process of surgery. This may create suction in the region around your mouth. Furthermore, this will raise the risks of developing a dry socket. A dry socket refers to the removal of clots from the teeth. This id is quite painful as it reveals the very sensitive nerves of the teeth to air. This may lead to swelling another complication. As a result, the healing of the affected region is affected and delayed thereby causing pain.

After this medical procedure, the patient should stay away from activities like smoking or using any narcotic substances for at least 5 days. This is because substances like cigarettes contain high amounts of nicotine which will affect the process of recovery. In addition to that, the patients should even refrain from chewing tobacco and other substances for at least 7-8 days. The patient must wait for at least 7 days before he/she can start rinsing with water. Rinsing the areas close to the extraction sites should be done to get rid of the leftover food particles. The dentist may hand over a syringe for this purpose.

However, one should not indulge in rinsing their mouth before this period. This action may turn into a blunder as rinsing may remove the blood clots from the mouth which are still healing. It is noticed very often that most patients go back to their normal eating schedule within one week of undergoing the procedure of removal of wisdom teeth. At this time, the affected region i.e. the area around the wisdom teeth needs proper care and attention. Being careful about diet and food items is necessary. One should follow a diet plan which should be prescribed by the doctor. The diet plan followed should include food items loaded with soft and healthy foods in the days. Any kind of hard food items should be forbidden.


At this time, it’s very essential to take the right food items. The patient should always stay away from food items that have the potential to disrupt and delay the recovery process. This will help you take food without hurting the affected region. In addition, it will even help diminish the chances of infection. It is natural to have the feeling of craving for various delicious food items during this period. However, it’s best to stick to liquids foods and soft food items for the initial days after the surgery. These food items may include blended soups which provide taste and nutrition at the same time. Broths can be also taken as these are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Other liquid food items such as yogurt or smoothies can also be consumed. The affected region should be left untouched unaffected.


Wisdom teeth grow at the age of 17-25 years which we already knew from the first, but we should also know that during the growing period it swells and pains, and similarly after the removal also it should be kept under proper medication. As it may result in swelling and pain. And let us also know that removing wisdom teeth doesn’t change our face shape.

As it’s the most relevant question which arises among all before removing. And we should be aware of the impacted wisdom teeth as it may lead to cyst formation which weakens all teeth. So we should all have proper care of our body health and especially teeth.


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