How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Recovery Take (And Why)?

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Recovery Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 to 4 Days

The posterior molars, called the wisdom teeth, are the latest adult teeth to grow in the mouth. They appear on the top and bottom of both sides, between 17 and 21 years of age. Numerous people don’t have adequate space inside their jaws to provide wisdom teeth without the other teeth moving, which might lead to different problems.

If this happens to anyone, the dentist most likely suggests surgery to extract them. Wisdom teeth removal is quite normal, and healing can extend to a week, depending on the particular case. Recovery might take even longer if it impacts the wisdom teeth, which means they did not emerge yet from below the gums and are not visible.

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Recovery Take

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Recovery Take?

Different Types of Wisdom ToothRecovery Time
Nonimpacted3 to 4 Days
Soft Tissue Impact2 to 3 Weeks
Partial Bony ImpactUp To 6 Weeks
Complete or Full Bony Impact6 Weeks or More

Usually, people completely recover from wisdom teeth surgery in just three to four days, but if the teeth were affected or grew at an unwieldy angle, it might take a week to recover.

One can still develop infections for weeks as the wound after surgery won’t be entirely cured for months. So, the patient should take responsibility and be careful.
Day-to-day activities are resumable in one or two days after the surgery, yet should withdraw actions that can dislodge stitches or the clot of blood (necessary for wound healing) over the affected area, which comprises stressful exercise, smoking, drinking by sucking a straw, or spitting out.

The affected might experience pain or bleeding. Also, the area might as well swell up but, these are pretty usual signs. If the pain is unbearable or bleeding is excessive, one must inform their dentist. The symptoms must considerably improve by the second or third day and, within one week, any pain, swelling, and bleeding must be gone.
One must responsibly look after their mouth when they are discharged after surgery and head home so that they can avoid any post-surgery complications.

The oral surgeon will suggest how to cleanse and protect the mouth post-surgery, including the only time the dentist will ask someone to avoid brushing, floss, or rinse their teeth for an entire day.

Why Does Wisdom Teeth Recovery Take That Long?

Most people can resume their normal activities after 3 to 4 days post-surgery but, it takes up to six weeks for complete healing. Wisdom toothdrawing is an outpatient surgery where a patient visits and leaves the surgery hall on the very day conducted.

If one gets local anesthesia will probably wake the patient up in the dental chair but, if given general anesthesia, it takes much longer for the patient to wake up in a different rehabilitation room. Also, they might not retrieve how they got shifted from a dental chair to the rehabilitation room. Better to consult the surgeon on what sedation one should expect.

The numbness of the mouth will begone once the patient wakes up after the tooth surgery. Some pain and swelling, expected post-surgery also, some blood might be seen inside the mouth. A quick suggestive measure is using an ice pack on the face. The dentist will also prescribe necessary medications, either a type of prescript painkillers or something else, which might be strong but depends on the surgery.

The patients are allowed to leave only when they are fully up and is ready to head home. It is suggested for the patient to not drive by themselves after recovering from sedation. It is advisable to eat very soft foods such as soup or porridge post-surgery and, one must avoid alcohol and smoking. Also, using a straw might lead to difficulties.


Wisdom tooth extraction is prevalent nowadays to fix or check problems with the last set of teeth, the molars. One can eat delicate food and revert to routine, everyday actions right after the day of surgery.

Hence, the recovery from wisdom teeth takes approximately three days but might take up to one week or even six. One must follow the home care guidance that the dentist suggests to help, aid, and catalyze the healing procedure and inhibit infections.


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