How Long After Workout Should I Have Protein Shake (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 to 60 Minutes

Fitness plays an important role in everyday life. But fitness is achieved by working out tirelessly and including the appropriate amount of nutrition in the diet one consumes throughout the day. There are several options available to people to choose their mode of exercising. While some prefer yoga and aerobics, others may choose a gym for weight and resistance training.



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With different methods of exercising, one thing remains constant and necessary: repairing the muscles is regaining strength by intaking protein and carbs right after the workout. The nutritionists have advised for an ample amount of protein intake throughout the day to maintain the effects of workout as well as to repair the muscles of the body for the desired outcome.

How Long After Workout Should I Have Protein Shake

How Long After Workout Should I Have Protein Shake?

Different Forms of Protein Protein Content
Whey Protein Concentrate80% Protein + a bit of lactose and fats
Whey Protein Isolate90% Protein + very less amount of lactose and fats
Whey Protein Hydrolysate99% Protein

The nutrition experts recommend regular consumption of 0.8 grams of protein/kilogram of the body mass is required to maintain the metabolism of the body. While we work out, the body loses the energy stored in form of glucose. While the body tends to lose weight during workouts, it also leads to a reduction in lean muscle mass. To compensate for the losses, we need to intake protein with a small number of carbohydrates after the exercise.

A lot of fitness freaks choose to go with Whey Protein Concentrate as it provides them both, sufficient amount of protein as well as carbs and fats in the form of lactose present. Since whey protein is a milk protein, it gets absorbed into the body quickly. This type is good in taste and hence, a choice for a lot of people. It is also recommended to manage the diet throughout the day accordingly to fulfill the protein requirements of the body. Another source of protein and complex carbohydrates which promotes recovery could be brown rice, eggs, milk, etc.

Ideally, fitness experts recommend that the protein shake must be consumed within 1-hour post-workout. This period is known as the Anabolic period and allows the maximum recovery to the body.

Why Consume It Within 60 Minutes?

Protein intake facilitates muscle building. It must be consumed within 1 hour of working out as consuming it within the anabolic window shows maximum results. People who train themselves vigorously get drains out physically. Since, some amount of lean muscle mass is also shed off during the workout, consuming protein within an hour supports muscle recovery and easy functioning of the body throughout the day.

Recent research has indicated the Anabolic window to be 2 hours after the workout. But practically, people prefer to intake them within 15 to 60 minutes of the workout. Protein intake right after the workout assists performance and recovery. It does not only facilitate recovery but also helps in weight loss when consumed at the right time as it keeps the person full for a longer time.

Muscle growth is the purpose of working out but it can only be achieved if the existing muscles recover from soreness and pain after each workout. To recover, we need to supply the muscles with amino acids which in turn is provided by protein intake. Such intake helps the body to heal and locks the loss of lean mass which further tones the body towards a shaped and muscular appearance.

If these supplements are not taken at the right time, the body may go into a state of fatigue for long intervals and therefore, invading the working efficiency of the body throughout the day. Therefore it is recommended to take the protein and a little number of carbohydrates to restore the glycogen levels and muscle mass for the body post-workout.


Protein is a multipurpose macronutrient. Consuming it in the right quantity at right time could do wonders for your body. For some, it may aid in a faster weight loss while for some it may result in gained strength and toned muscles. Moreover, it always repairs the body and helps in high performance during exercises and workouts. There are no side effects attached to its intake. However, it is suggested that one must consult a nutritionist or dietician to know about the protein requirements suitable for his/her body type for the desired outcome.


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