How Long Does Protein Powder Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Protein powders are often consumed as protein shakes, among other ways of consumption and are becoming popular nowadays. These powders are the most common nutritional supplements available in the market today.



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You can easily purchase a protein powder or protein shake via online stores or nutrition stores world-wide. The shelf life of protein powder differs depending on the ingredient used during processing. Therefore, in this article, we shall go through how long does protein powder last and why.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last

How long does protein powder last?

Protein Powder TypeLifespan
Casein2 years 
Whey18 months
Soy2 years 

As previously stated, the shelf life of a protein powder is often affected by the ingredients used during processing. Protein powders often come in three forms which are; Casein protein, Whey protein, and Soy protein. Each of the above protein powder product features a different shelf life.

Usually, most protein powders have a shelf life of approximately two years. Once these years have elapsed the protein powder is said not be safe for consumption. These powders often come with best by or expiry dates to help keep track of the expiry date.

Drinking or consuming expired protein powder or shake is equivalent to consuming gone off milk. Usually, an expired protein powder muscle-building ability becomes inactive; therefore, avoiding its consumption is highly recommended.

Why does protein powder last long?

Apart from ingredients that interfere with the protein powder shelf life, the method of storage is essential when it comes to increasing its shelf life. For your protein powder to have an extended shelf life, it is advisable to seal the container after use.

This means that you should avoid keeping the box open for long. Keeping the box for long will increase moisture content which will favor the growth of microorganisms.

You should avoid exposing the powder to heat, moisture, direct sunlight and oxygen for long since these are aspects that favor the development of microbes. However, you should store your powder, in a cool, dry and dark environment.

Such an environment will prevent the powder from absorbing moisture or heated up by direct sunlight hence preventing the development of microbes.

How to tell a spoilt protein powder?

It is straightforward to determine a spoilt protein powder or shake. There is often an unpleasant odor from soy, milk or egg-based protein powder when they become rancid. However, when there is no moisture available, the protein powder will not smell fusty.

AT this point, you might consider tasting a small sample on your finger and assess the difference in taste. There is the formation of wet clump within the protein powder when spoilt. This often occurs when moisture finds its way into the container.

In such a situation, the powder is said not to be safe for consumption and throwing it away is highly recommended.


Protein powder is essential when it comes to bodybuilding; however, consumption of spoilt protein powder or shake might be hazardous to your health. Therefore, you should always check the expiry date or best before date before considering using the powder. Furthermore, proper storage of the powder is essential in extending its shelf life.


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