How Long Can A Person Be Unresponsive After A Stroke (And Why)?

How Long Can A Person Be Unresponsive After A Stroke (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 Weeks

Stroke is a serious issue because sometimes people can not only suffer but they could die out of it. However, these things are happening suddenly and no one will get to know them beforehand. However, to make sure you do not suffer or experience such an incident you have to make sure that you stay healthy.

People can remain unconscious for a while after the person has suffered a stroke. However, some people can regain their strength and begin to lead a normal life within a few days. But, for some people, the process could take much longer to heal. It could take up to more than 6 months.

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How Long Does A Person Can Be Unresponsive After A Stroke?

In most casesPeople can regain their strength and lead a normal life within few days.
In rare casesPeople can take up to more than 6 months for recovering.
If unconsciousness continues for long timeIt could lead to coma which lasts for 4 weeks.

There is no exact answer about how long a person can remain unresponsive after suffering from a stroke. Different people could experience different things either good or bad. Some people even have experienced sudden death due to stroke.

A stroke happens whenever the blood supply is interrupted from reaching your brain which prevents the brain tissues from getting the oxygen that the blood carries. During this process, the brain cells start to die within minutes. If you see someone suffer a stroke make sure you call for an ambulance so that the person suffering can get immediate medical attention.

If the person suffering from a stroke can get immediate medical attention then there is a high chance that the person might live. People who do not live a healthy life are the people who suffer from a stroke.

People need to be health-conscious and above all, they should know what kinds of food they should consume. Junk food will not help lead you to a healthy life and consuming alcoholic kinds of stuff or smoke cigarettes.

Why Does It Take That Long For A Person To Be Unresponsive After A Stroke?

The more serious the stroke is the more likely it that the person would be unresponsive. There is a high chance that the person could even get into a coma for a few weeks. Therefore, one cannot be sure about how long a person could be unresponsive after a sudden stroke.

In extreme cases, some people get themselves into a coma which then takes a few weeks for them to recover. However, not every person who has suffered a stroke could be in a coma. As mentioned earlier, different people could have different experiences.

A person could show symptoms that are very rare whereas another person might not show that. Similarly, in the case of stroke, one will know how is it happening. However, if a person has suffered a stroke once then that does not mean that he will not suffer again.

There would be a chance that the person would suffer again from a stroke if the person does not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you follow whatever the doctors have asked you to do. Make sure you take the medications on time because this way there would be a zero percent chance that you would suffer from another stroke.

Some signs will tell you that a person might not live after suffering from a stroke. Confusions, respiratory secretions, dyspnea, and other signs will tell you that the person will not live after suffering a stroke.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most. You should know best what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. If you want to stay happy then you must follow a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you do all the things which are best for you.

Start doing the obvious by exercising regularly and quitting other bad stuff like smoking and drinking. This way most of the diseases would not happen to you or to the people living with you. Many times people suffer from a disease that can be communicable to others.

Drink plenty of water every day and make sure that you excrete regularly. Some people do not drink enough water and therefore they also suffer from strokes.


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