How Long Does GameStop Take To Ship (And Why)?

How Long Does GameStop Take To Ship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 days

Many companies in the world deliver their products while some choose renowned delivery companies that will make sure to deliver their products as soon as possible. Some companies offer delivery to countries all over the world, while some just ship their products within a single country. There are same-day delivery options, same weekly delivery options, and when somebody orders a product, they make sure to pick up the products and deliver them with good packaging.

Among many popular companies, Gamestop is one of the companies that deliver its products themselves. Gamestop Corp. is a company that sells world-class video games, gaming merchandise, and electronics related to gaming. The company is based in America and they employ millions of people. The company ships products to several countries and they receive revenue in a great value. They have also great media attention and reviews all over the Internet.

When someone orders products from Gamestop, they normally take about 24 to 48 hours to ship them.

How Long Does GameStop Take To Ship

How Long Does GameStop Take To Ship?

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The headquarters of Gamestop is located in a suburb of Dallas, Grapevine, Texas. The company is based in America and sells games, gaming devices, and merchandise. This company is the largest video game retailer in the world and the company was first founded about 37 years ago, in 1984. The roots of Gamestop are traced back to Babbage’s, which is a Texas-based software retailer found in 1984. The company was owned by Gary M.Kusin and James McCurry, a couple of Harvard alumni.

The first-ever store of this great company was opened in NorthPark Center of Dallas. After a while, the company’s complete focus was directed on developing video game sales and the company first sold Nintendo games in 1987, and it became a public company in 1988. After a while, about two-thirds of the company’s sales were video games, which developed into their mainstream of sales.

After that, the company merged with Software Etc., and became the NeoStarRetail Group in 1994. It then again became Babbage Etc., which launched its own Gamestop brand, with about 30 stores in malls. This changeover started the website, which allowed people to buy their products online. Finally, was promoted in the stores of Babbage’s and Software Etc.

Why Does It Take That Long For Gamestop To Ship?

In Gamestop, the games can be preordered even before they are officially launched. Store delivery in these circumstances is possible, while home delivery is not possible at times due to certain reasons. Orders can be paid with online payments using options like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and all sorts of internet banking. The orders can be canceled if there is any sort of issue with the delivery address or the contact information.

The refund will be issued in a while after the order is canceled, and all the prices are given in Euros on the website. Some products can be even delivered online. After one places their order, the orders will be verified and details about the order can be viewed in the My Orders option in Dashboard. When the order is placed outside of office hours, it will take more time to process and ship the orders.

The products will be shipped in about 24 to 48 hours after ordering them and the time taken to receive the products is based on the distance between the shipping location and the recipients. After receiving the product, it can be returned within 14 days, wherever the product was shipped.


It will certainly take a while to process the return and exchange. One can always contact for any sort of query. The postage costs will be covered if there is any sort of fault with the products on the manufacturer’s side. Any type of package that is not authorized by the customer service team will not cost the refund postage.

Gamestop will replace the game when it is found faulty or damaged, the game can be replaced within 12 months after the purchase, and it will offer a replacement.


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