How Long Before An International Flight Should I Arrive At The Airport (And Why)?

How Long Before An International Flight Should I Arrive At The Airport (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 To 4 Hours

For anybody who travels for the first time in a certain mode of transport, they will have tons of unanswered questions. When somebody keeps traveling, it will be hard for them to keep track of time. There are modes of transport which are cheaper and are available throughout the day.

People choose different modes of transport based on where they want their destination is and how fast they want to travel. People normally choose flights to travel to other countries, especially countries across seas. When somebody is traveling through flight for the first time, they obviously have so many doubts that need addressing.

One should know how to maintain flight times because the timings are very crucial and one should always know how to catch a flight right on time hassle-free.

How Long Before An International Flight Should I Arrive At The Airport

How Long Before An International Flight Should I Arrive At The Airport?

Flight timelineTime
Arriving at the airport before departure3 to 4 hours
Checking in before the scheduled departure1 hour
Reaching the gate and getting ready to board45 minutes

When somebody plans a business trip, they choose the destination, pack their bags, and prepare everything required for the trip, but finally miss the flight by arriving late. When someone misses a flight, there is no going back, they cannot catch another flight to the same location in a very short time and the next sad thing is, the money will not be refunded in any form. It is better to be updated about the times and arrive there early.

Not many people know that they need to arrive at the airport much earlier than their exact flight time, because, many processes take place between boarding a plane and arriving at the airport.

Even if there is no issue, it is necessary to arrive at the airport much sooner. Normally, according to rules, for domestic flights, it is better if the passenger arrives at the airport about 2 to 3 hours before the actual flight time.

For international flights, it is much appreciated if a person arrives at the airport about 3 to 4 hours before the flight. The boarding time begins about 45 minutes before the actual departure and closes before 15 minutes. Hence, a person just has about 30 minutes to board before the gates close. Unlike other modes of transport, flights don’t get delayed without reason and don’t wait for anyone.

Why Should I Arrive At The Airport That Long Before An International Airport?

Once a person reaches the airport, it is better if they check in about 1 hour before the departure, so that they are not frazzled when they face some issues while checking in or boarding. Reaching the gate for about 45 minutes is also good.

The person can arrive at the airport a bit late sometimes if they checked in online or using their mobile, and if they are not checking in any luggage. Flying through a familiar airport where the officials know the person, and flying at an off-peak season can also help a person arrive late at the airport.

Sometimes, there are many other issues a person can face while they are flying. For example, some people might have packed extra luggage that weighs beyond the allotted weight for the specific person, and at times like this, they must remove some things that they don’t need that much.

Whatever the situation might be, it is always better to pack properly and only take whatever is necessary. Never miss anything important like your passports and tickets, because it can lead to real trouble.


The boarding time and the timings of all the other formalities inside the airport can differ based on various factors, like where the airport is located and the type of flight the person is boarding on.

People who are flying especially during festive seasons, who are traveling with children, people who are differently-abled or handicapped must make sure they get ready sooner so that they can reach the airport at a time well enough before the flight takes off. Traffic, holiday seasons, and many other things matter, so better get ready soon and reach the airport well before time.


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