How Long Is A Flight To Australia (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 25 Hours From USA

To be exact it would take about 24 hours and 20 minutes to reach Australia by flight from the United States. However, time will vary for different countries because the same time will not be taken if an Indian wants to take a flight to Australia. It would take not more than 14 hours to reach Australia from India.

To be exact it would take about 12 hours and 30 minutes if you take a flight from New Delhi to Sydney. The fastest flight from India to Australia, Sydney could take about 15 hours. So, if you compare the timings between the US and India there is almost a 12 hour gap between the USA and India.

How Long Is A Flight To Australia


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How Long Does It Take To Reach Australia By Flight?

Flight From USA To Australia24-25 Hours
New Delhi (India) To Australia (Sydney)12-15 Hours
From Paris To Australia (Sydney)21-24 Hours

As mentioned earlier that the timings will vary depending on the country that you are living in. For example, if you want to travel to Australia from the United Kingdom then it could take up to 12-14 hours which is almost similar to India’s timings. But, you have to check that whether the flight is a non-stop one or a direct one.

Direct flights could take much lesser time than non-direct ones and this is one of the factors why there will be a change in timings to reach Australia from different flight types. Not all flight companies have the same kind of rule so that will also vary in the timings of reaching Australia.

However, another factor is that taking flights from one place to Sydney will have a specific timing but if you want to land in Melbourne or other landing areas then it could take a different time like it could take more time to reach Melbourne from Paris than to reach Sydney.

These are the things that should be kept in mind when you are checking the time travel distance from one place to Australia or some other country.

Why Does It Take That Long To Reach Australia?

Travelling to a different country will take some time and above all Australia’s location is a different situation than any other countries. The journey to reach Australia (Sydney) from the United States is about 8786 miles which is huge. So, travelling such a distance in the world’s fastest transportation system will take time.

As mentioned earlier that there are other factors to be kept in mind before checking the time taken to travel such a long distance are direct and non-direct flights, selecting the landing cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and other such places.

These things will affect the time of reaching Australia because not all flight companies have the same rule or even some countries might have different rules for international flights.

Knowing the rules and regulations is very important because travelling to a new place can be quite risky if you do not know anything about it. You might go to Australia for vacation but it is important that you should know what to do whenever it is necessary.

After all, flights to Australia are not cheap at all because of the distance that it has from most of the other countries. Travelling such a long distance might be tiring but at the same time, it is fun too because you will be travelling from one part of the globe to the other in such a short period.


In the end, you have to have knowledge about everything related to travelling by flights. Some people get confused about similar things either in the airport or after reaching their destination. Different places will have different times to reach Australia because as per the location of their home country Australia’s distance could differ.

The direct and non-direct flights are one thing that you should check before you book tickets to Australia because there too you will have to face some timing issues if you do not have an idea about it. View the map either from your smartphone or at a map and check the distance from your home country to Australia and then you will know how far it is from your location.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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