Difference Between Airport Extreme Router and Airport Express Router (With Table)

Difference Between Airport Extreme Router and Airport Express Router (With Table)

The Apple Company’s Airport Extreme and Airport Express internet routers are two different models. An internet router is a device that allows a wireless network to cover a larger region.

These devices are mostly utilized in large corporations, hotels, schools, and institutions to ensure a stable connection to the Internet while working. Various internet routers are available, including the Airport Extreme and Airport Express.

Airport Extreme vs Airport Express

The main difference between Airport Extreme and Airport Express is that the USB ports on the Airport Extreme let individuals connect portable drives like hard disks and printers. On the other hand, the Airport Express has only one USB port, which is used to connect printers.

Difference Between Airport Extreme Router and Airport Express Router

Airport Extreme offers its customers a broad array of broadband connections, ranging from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz simultaneously. This makes Airport Extreme ideal for video streaming, VoIP telephone services, multiplayer gaming over the Internet, and more. It also includes USB ports connecting external devices like hard disks and printers.

On the contrary, the Airport Express is a great internet router, but its range is limited because it only transmits at 2.4 GHz. Because it has only one USB connection, it can connect to one external device, such as a printer. Alternatively, you could have a wireless router to connect the Airport Express to since there is more than one USB port.

Comparison Table Between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

Parameters of ComparisonAirport extremeAirport Express
EstablishmentThe Airport Extreme was established in the year 1999.Airport Express was presented in the year 2004.
SizeAirport Extreme is a bit bigger than the others.The Airport Express is small and compact 
CostCompared to Airport Express, the Airport Extreme is more costly.The Airport Express is a low-cost option.
Count of users Around 50 people can utilize Airport Extreme.Only ten people can register for Airport Express.
Number of guest users Guests can participate in Airport Extreme as well. In Airport Express, there is no provision for any visitor users.

What is Airport Extreme?

The Airport Extreme is indeed a router that connects to the internet. When individuals need to work on the internet or need internet access on their devices through a Wi-Fi connection in bigger regions, they employ internet routers.

Airport Extreme is a broadband connection that covers a large region, allowing individuals to operate on the internet peacefully. Airport Extreme was founded in the year 1999, which was a long time ago. Since then, it has been widely employed, particularly in areas with a large population.

Not only does the Airport Extreme give an excellent internet connection, but it also allows users to connect additional equipment such as hard disks and printers. In general, the Aiport Extreme offers two USB ports, which are quite convenient for users. Because it is rectangular, it is slightly larger. It is not so small that it can be carried about with ease.

Another benefit of Airport Extreme would be allowing users to enjoy a high-quality internet connection. Airport Extreme broadcasts at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz on average. The typical number of users on Airport Extreme is around 50, with some more users, known as “guest customers,” able to join the existing users. 

What is Airport Express?

Apple’s Airport Express is a Wi-Fi router that was introduced in 2004. It has some fantastic features and new features produced by the corporation based on their prior actions, as it was recently published. Even though the Airport Express is an excellent internet router, the manufacturer has imposed additional restrictions. Although Airport Express gives internet access to many people, it is confined to a small area where only a few individuals may use it.

It’s small and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. It’s built-in to a square shape. It’s small enough to fit in one’s pocket, bag, or handbag. It also has a single USB port that can only connect to one device at a time, so the only item that can be attached to an Aiport Express is a printer. These internet routers may be found in small businesses, cafés, and libraries, among other places. This is because it only has a 2.4 GHz range.

Airport Express also features a new function that allows customers to stream music. Other differences between the Airport Express and other internet routers include that only 10 people can utilize the connection, and no visitor members are permitted.

Main Differences Between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

  1. Around the year 1999, Airport Extreme was introduced. Airport Express, on the other hand, was just introduced in 2004.
  2. Airport Extreme is rectangular, making it a little larger, whereas Airport Express is shaped like a tiny box.
  3. Airport Extreme is somewhat more expensive than Airport Express. Airport Express, on the other hand, is economical and affordable.
  4. Airport Extreme has a capacity of roughly 50 people, whilst Airport Express has a capacity of only 10 people.
  5. Airport Extreme, however, allows for additional guest users, whilst Airport Express has no place for them.


The Internet has become an essential part of our everyday lives, particularly for those who work on the internet, in digital classrooms at schools and universities, and so on. As a result, individuals employ internet routers to link them to give their range to more people than a single person.

All the details and differences between the Airport Extreme and the Airport Express are stated. These two gadgets enable individuals to connect in greater numbers but differ slightly in pricing, range, users, and usage. Either of these devices can be chosen based on their particular sectors or vocations and the level of connectivity necessary for the tasks.


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