How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 days

Water being is an important aspect contributing to the survival of all living beings, including animals, and for that, the environment cannot be substituted with another substance. In general, animals cannot go beyond three days without water as they are prone to get dehydrated.

Most precisely, dogs are very playful and friendly animals to human beings; thus, they are mostly kept with human beings in their various homes as not only pets but also act as security to those homes. Dogs are animals that are known to be a man’s best friend as they can be able to understand one another. Also, dogs have the ability to stay without water, as discussed below.

How Long Can Dogs Go Without Water

Ideally, dogs can go without water for a period of 2-3 days. This is because dogs’ bodies are made up of 80% of water. If it happens, the water levels drop with 10% due to lack of consumption of water, then they will be able to survive, but still, they will get dehydrated. It’s important to note that the lack of water for three days may cause poor health conditions for the dogs.

In addition, the following factors below also explain circumstances that dogs can stay without water:


The young ones of a dog, which are the puppies, survive without water for a longer period of time compared to the older dogs.


An ill dog can barely stay for more than one day without water, and on the other hand, a healthy dog can stay without water for a maximum of 3 days.

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Weather Condition

In areas where its winter, dogs can easily survive without consuming water, unlike areas where its summer, dogs cannot stay without consuming water. This is because, in hot areas, dogs tend to lose a lot of water to the environment.

Dog’s Breed

The type of the dog’s breed also determines whether it can stay with or without consuming water.

Reasons Why Dogs Can Stay Without Water

  1. Dogs are made up of 80% of water, making them to survive up to 3 days without water. Hence dogs may not need to get water from another alternative source.
  2. A healthy dog may also be able to stay without water compared to an unhealthy dog that cannot stay without water. This is because healthy dogs have enough water levels in their bodies to sustain them to survive, unlike unhealthy dogs, which cannot survive for more than a day without water.
  3. In addition, various weather conditions also contribute to whether dogs can survive with or without water. During summer seasons, dogs cannot stay without consuming water as they lose their water to the environment. Hence, they need to get hydrated regularly. While in winter areas, dogs can comfortably stay without consuming water as they do not lose their water to the environment.
  4. Puppies can also easily survive without water compared to older dogs. As puppies get mostly hydrated from their mother’s milk; hence, they do not have to consume water directly and will survive without dying.
  5. Lastly, dogs can stay with or without water, depending on how active it is or not. Extra active dogs can’t stay without water, unlike less active dogs that can stay without consuming water.
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