How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water – (And Why)?

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-4 days

Ideally, water is a component that no living organism can live without. A living organism and most especially animals cannot survive the past three days without water. Cats are mainly kept in people’s homes as their own pets. They are very playful and affectionate reasons why human beings love keeping them in their homes.

As human beings, we care for those cats by not only providing love and affection but also medical attention, food, and water for their survival. Cats are the type of animals that can either stay with or without water. Hence below are the reasons why cats can stay without water.

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water

How Long Cats Go Without Water?

The physical structure of cats is composed of 75% water; hence, they cannot suffer from dehydration within a very short period of time. This makes them be survivors and self-sufficient when there is an insufficient supply of water for their own survival.

Below are some comparisons between wild and domestic cats when they can both survive without enough water;

Wild Cats

  • Being mostly carnivores, they get water from the food, especially meat they hunt and eat. Majorly feral cats do not get dehydrated, and that’s why they do not require water from an alternative source.
  • When in a completely different environment compared to what they are used to and feeding on dry food, they will become easily dehydrated. Hence, they can only survive in a period of 2-4 days.
Feral cat hunting for food

Domestic Cats

  • They get water through the wet food they consume. Water acquired from wet food is what makes the cats not to get dehydrated, and also there is no need to get water from a different source.
  • When in a different environment and feeding on dry food, cats can only survive without water for a period of 2-4 days also
white and brown cat on brown wooden table

Reasons Cats Take Much Longer Without Water

  1. Cats feed on wet food and also prey on other animals in which they get their water from. Such feeds make the cats not to consume water directly. Hence it can survive with or without water from another source.
  2. Cats are made up of 75% of the water in their bodies, which protects them from being dehydrated. That way, they are survivors in nature; thus, they do not require water from alternative sources.
  3. Also, cats have a low thirst feeling making them not look for water from other sources.
  4. In addition, cats can go up to 14days without water for their survival. Hence, cats will be forced to use fats stored in their bodies to give them the energy they require.
  5. Even in the absence of water to consume for survival, cats’ survival is based on age and health. If a cat is in good health, it will survive without water for a couple of days, unlike when it is in bad condition. Also, when a cat is young, it requires more water compared to an old cat. Therefore, an old cat will survive without water for quite some time compared to a young cat.


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