How Long Can HPV Be Dormant (And Why)?

How Long Can HPV Be Dormant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 years

The human papillomavirus would be dormant for around 2 years. The virus can go on its own without asking for any treatment, as the immune system would start fighting it off. The virus can easily get eliminated from the body in 1 to 2 years. The human papillomavirus can transfer by skin-to-skin contact. This HPV virus is one of the most usual sexually transmitted infections.

Many people may get the human papillomavirus during sexual contact. Many people will not feel or experience any type of symptoms due to this sexually transmitted infection. The dormancy of this virus would be around 2 years where it will not show any serious symptoms.

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How Long Can HPV Be Dormant?

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)How Long Can HPV Be Dormant
The minimum dormancy time period2 years
The maximum dormancy time period10 years or more

Normally, the virus would get cleared from the body in 1 to 2 years. In some people, the virus may stay inside the body for around 10 years. The main reason is that the virus would start reproducing within the cells inside the human body and can spread to the other person. Therefore, many people would test positive even if it’s been more than 2 years.

It’s vital to get the test done for the HPV as one person can easily transfer the virus to many people. Unprotected sex is the cause of getting HPV easily. As the virus would enter the body if no barrier is there. People who do sex without condoms may get the virus from their partners. The human papillomavirus would mostly be found in the area where the person contracted it.

The virus would get transferred from one body to another body from the contracted cell. There are some issues that people may face after having human papillomavirus. These are:
If someone gets the human papillomavirus, then the person would get lumps in the genital area. These warts come if the person is affected by the virus during the teenage.

Warts or lumps would happen in the damaged skin area.
The person may easily get the virus by touching an infected surface where the virus is present. People may also get the human papillomavirus easily by touching the infected shower or pool.
People who have very low immunity should get infected with the virus very easily. Anybody having HIV or any other severe illness would have been at a higher risk of getting Human papillomavirus.

Why Can HPV Be Dormant For This Long?

Many people wait for the symptoms to know if the HPV virus is present or not. It’s true people without symptoms may also have the human papillomavirus without showing a single health issue or symptoms. The virus would be transferred from the human body if any exchange of fluid happened. Sometimes, the virus will not go and this would bring the risk of cancer.

The possibility of getting genital warts increases when people have the human papillomavirus. The virus can get prevented from entering into someone’s body by taking the vaccination. Before getting into sexual activity, the person should take the vaccination for not getting HPV. The virus will not leave the body if it keeps on reproducing itself.

Therefore, it’s better to avoid using any personal things such as towels from any person. Nobody should be involved in any type of sexual activity if warts are there in the genital area. Smoking would not help people with HPV. As smoking would not only increase the chance of wart outbreaks but would bring many other health issues.


Many people may not feel the presence of human papillomavirus as they may not show any symptoms. The human papillomavirus can spread from human to human easily without getting noticed. HPV can stay for around 2 years in people. Some people may have the human papillomavirus for 10 years or more without having knowledge of it.

The virus would not be a good thing for the body as it can bring the risk of cervical or penile cancer. To prevent the risk of HPV, everyone should get tested at regular intervals if they are sexually active.



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