How Long Does It Take For HPV To Show Up After Exposure (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For HPV To Show Up After Exposure (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 months

Human papillomavirus is a big reason why people get cervical cancers. The HPV can also bring the issue of genital warts. The virus spreads when skin-to-skin contact happens. The symptoms of human papillomavirus would depend on how severe the virus is.

Some people may not see any symptoms of human papillomavirus, as it takes some time. Once the virus gets inside the body of humans, people would start observing the symptoms after 3 months. HPV exposure can cause many other symptoms which can be life-threatening for people.

Some people may see symptoms of the HPV virus after 4 to 8 weeks, depending on their body condition. The HPV virus would not show similar symptoms in all people. Some people may see low-risk symptoms such as genital warts while others may face high-risk symptoms.

How Long Does It Take For HPV To Show Up After Exposure?

In months3 months
In weeks12 weeks

Some people may not see the symptoms of HPV for around 2 years. The HPV virus can internally kill a person without showing any signs. The virus spread when someone comes in sexual contact with the person who has the virus. If anybody feels itching in the genital area of the person, then it may be a symptom of HPV.

Bleeding is another sign that the person may have HPV. The appearance of genital warts is a sign that the virus is active inside the body. People who have no symptoms or signs of HPV can also spread the virus to others. Genital warts may come near the anus or genital area. The expert or doctor can clearly identify genital warts due to HPV.

If the person does the treatment for treating HPV in the initial stage, then the symptoms may not get worse. Sometimes, genital warts or any other symptoms of HPV would go without any treatment. If the warts are not going on their own, then the doctor may remove them with the help of a laser or surgery.

The HPV virus can stay in the cells for around years as they may not show any symptoms. Therefore, it’s always better to use condoms as a good way to avoid the issues of HPV. Anybody should avoid having sex with someone who is already detected with the HPV virus.

If someone is having unprotected sex frequently, then the chances of getting the HPV virus would increase.

Why Does It Take This Long For HPV To Show Up After Exposure?

The virus would take around 2 to 3 months to show symptoms after exposure. Some people with low immunity may see the symptoms earlier than others. The body type, health condition, and habits would affect how long the virus would take to show symptoms.

The people who would have frequent sex with the virus-affected person would see symptoms early. Everyone can do the HPV detection test to know if they are affected by HPV. There is no such specific treatment for HPV, but the doctor can use different ways to treat the symptoms.

Everyone detected with HPV should try to maintain the hygiene of the body to treat genital warts or any other sign. People who have low immunity can try to make their immune system more powerful for fighting the virus. Anybody who smokes or drinks can leave the bad habits for faster recovery.

People who have a history of cervical cancer in their families can do HPV tests in intervals. Everyone should try to check with the doctor if they see any single symptoms of HPV. Once detected with HPV, people should avoid having sex for years till the virus is completely gone. Everyone can get the HPV virus multiple times.

Therefore, people can maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to not get the HPV infection repeatedly. Poeple should not involve in sexual activity with multiple partners if they have the HPV virus.


The symptoms of the HPV virus would take around 3 months to be visible. People can talk to the doctor for any suggestion about how to fight the infection. The symptoms would go on their own if everyone follow a healthy diet. There are many types of diets that people can follow for reducing the symptoms of HPV.

Sometimes, the HPV virus can stay inside the body even if the symptoms are not visible. Therefore, it’s always better to do a test to know if the virus is present in the cell or not.


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