How Long After Endoscopy Can You Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 Hours

Endoscopy can be referred to as a procedure where the inner organs of the body are looked upon, using an instrument called an endoscope. It is used to collect certain samples from the body, which in turn is used to know about various diseases such as cancers, bleeding, etc.

Change in lifestyle has also introduced many new diseases and to know about these, endoscopy comes to the rescue. But the diets and foods one ought to eat after every procedure are different. So is the time duration after which you can eat, having undergone the procedure.

How Long After Endoscopy Can You Eat


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How Long After Endoscopy Can You Eat?

It is recommended to eat after around 24 hours. Over the next 23-47 hours, you may take soft, easy-to-digest food. You can consume juices meanwhile but don’t take anything soon after the procedure.

Also, consumption of alcohol is a big no for around 26-27 hours.  Once you feel that you are completely fine and normal, you may continue to eat food. But the condition is- to eat healthy and nutritional food for some time duration.

If you or someone you know is going to undergo the procedure, you must be aware that it is performed when there is no food in the stomach. The doctors themselves will provide you info as to how long before the procedure, you need to stop eating.

Now you already know how long after the endoscopy you can eat. You should also know about what food you can consider taking after the completion of the procedure.

Food that is soft and easily digested such as soup, eggs, juices, pudding, etc. can be considered. Avoid any sort of chewable food for instance. The meals should be small and you should take some light food.

You can eat after it has been 24 hours since the procedure. Prior to this, you can stay on liquid food. And before undergoing the procedure, it is advised to not eat anything for at least 6 hours.

Soft/easy-to-digest food24 hours after the procedure
Juices and liquids3 hours after the procedure
Normal everyday foodOnce you feel completely normal

Why Does It Take So Long to Eat After Endoscopy?

A person can eat anything only after it has been 24 hours after the procedure. This is so because of the effect of medication the patient may feel uncomfortable eating anything. Swelling anything would be hard.

In the process of endoscopy, a thin tube-like pipe with a camera attached to one of the ends is passed through the mouth to see/observe various inside parts of the body system. This may cause some uneasiness. Sore throat, cramps, and bloating become common symptoms after the endoscopy. All these will not make you feel like having food.

This is the reason why it takes so long to eat after the endoscopy procedure. Once you feel like you are completely back to normal and all the effects of sedatives have been worn off, you may start to eat.

Now that you know about all the food you can eat before and after the procedure, you should definitely know about the possible symptoms related to it. Although it’s rare, fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain may suggest that you must see a doctor asap.


Endoscopy is a common procedure that helps you know the cause of heartburn, presence of any sort of hernia, abdominal pain, etc. but sometimes it may lead to infections.

Some more tips you must keep in mind is to drink plenty of water and fluids in order to rehydrate your body. Also, avoid driving for 26-27 hours as the effect of the medication will still be there.


Endoscopy is a medical procedure that gives an insight into the internal structures to know of any severity in the body. It is most probably a minor procedure and some request ids required.

Talking about the dietary guidelines, you may eat anything only after 24 hours of the procedure. This is due to bloating and soreness of the throat after the procedure.

If you are worried about how long after endoscopy can you eat, it’s simple. Anything light and easy-to-digest food can be taken after 24 hours. However, prior to that certain juice and fluids can be taken.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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