How Long Can I Leave My Immediate Dentures Out (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. You do not want anything to happen especially to your teeth. The pain caused due to some injury or cavities is quite irritating and unbearable which is another issue.

People need to take care of their oral hygiene. Everything starts from the teeth because your teeth cover almost 90% of your mouth. Some basic information about caring for oral hygiene should be followed by everyone so that their teeth remain healthy.

How Long Can I Leave My Immediate Dentures Out

How Long Can I Leave My Dentures Out?

Dentures24 Hours at least
Removing the denturesIt could cause swelling
Not recommended to remove/reinsertSeveral problems could arise

If you have had an immediate denture then it is best that you keep it for at least a day. Pain can happen during this time but it is best that you do not opt for removing the dentures. Removing the dentures once could be possible but reinserting would be a problem for your dentist.

Make sure you follow all the procedures and guidelines as per the directions of your dentist. It will take some time to get used to it but you need to handle that because there is not a possibility of removing the immediate dentures.

If most of the teeth have been extracted then it is possible that swelling and discomfort can happen to the patient. Swelling could be reduced by putting an ice pack on the area which will also give some amount of comfort to the patient.

However, no more than 15 min should be taken for putting an ice pack in the swollen area. You need to take medicines as prescribed by your dentist. The immediate dentures that have been put act as a bandage which will prevent your tooth from bleeding and also from preventing the breakdown of blood clots.

Patients who have had a recent denture should have a strict diet. They should have liquid foods and other kinds of soft foods. As you continue to heal you could start to eat the normal foods.

Why Does It Take That Long To Keep The Dentures?

Whenever you put dentures then your bite will be imperfect especially the upper jaw. However, on the other hand, imperfections like these could be corrected during the time of insertion. Your dentist will make sure to keep an appointment with him/her after 24-48 hours after insertion. The swelling needs to come back in its original form before the final refinement takes place. That could take about 4-7 days.

Your dentist will give you some precautions and warnings after the insertion has been done because you do not want some other problem to arise. If everything falls in line then within a week or two you would begin to feel normal and healthy.

Dentures should be removed after the 24-hour appointment for cleaning purposes because the food and drink that you eat should be cleansed. One can clean their dentures after either after their meal or during bedtime. It is best that you keep your dentures as clean as possible.

There is a process of cleaning the dentures because you need to keep the dentures partially filled with water. Scrubbing both the upper and lower surface is necessary with cotton gauze, liquid soap, and water. Make sure that you keep the dentures at the maximum clean as possible.

However, you can also brush your tongue and also the roof of your mouth. After a week you should be able to remove the dentures during bedtime or after meals to clean.


Oral hygiene is very important and one should never miss out on cleaning their teeth twice a day. Brushing the upper part of your mouth is something that people miss on. Tongue clean is also important so that to prevent any kind of bacteria and also from bad breath.

If you face any kind of difficulty during this process you must talk with the dentist about it. There might be a chance that you are facing something rare problem which might not happen. So, whatever happens, you must talk it out with your dentist at the moment of your appointment.



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