How Long After NCLEX To Recieve License (And Why)?

How Long After NCLEX To Recieve License (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 Days

The National Council Licensure Examination is also known as NCLEX conducted to determine if a candidate is eligible to begin practice as an Entry-Level nurse. It is different from any examination conducted in Nursing School.

Nursing school examinations are knowledge-based, NCLEX examinations are highly application and analysis-based using the nursing knowledge you have gained during your course in your school. Candidates tested on how they can use their critical thinking skills to make decisions.

Some details about the format of the NCLEX examination are:

  1. NCLEX is a Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) format test. CAT blends with modern computers and technology, increasing the efficiency of the examination process.
  2. The selection of questions is on the NCLEX-RN test plan basis. NCLEX-RN test plan includes:
  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Psychosocial Integrity
  • Physiological Integrity. 

3. The first question is comparatively easy. If you selected a correct answer, the computer asks you a more difficult one from its store of questions. If your choice of the answer was incorrect, the computer gives you a question easy than the previous one.

4. The procedure is followed throughout the examination until all the test plan requirements are met. The computer can determine how competent the candidates are and what are their potential. 

5. The candidate is provided with choices to skip any of the questions.

6. The candidate must answer it, or else they cannot move on to the next question. 

7. The candidates are not allowed to review their answers. They cannot go back to the previous question. The candidate cannot change the answer to the question.

How Long After NCLEX To Recieve License

How Long After NCLEX To Recieve License?

Applying for ATT & Receiving eligibility from NRB4 weeks before the scheduled examination date
NCLEX Exam Results4-6 Weeks after examination
NCLEX License Release1-3 Days after examination
NCLEX Application Tabulation

License received in one to three business days. However, some may receive it in a day or even five days later. Before one can take the examination, one must go through all the required criteria. The candidate needs an ATT, known as Authorisation To Test. To receive the ATT, one must apply to their NRB (Nurse Regulatory Board) and register at Pearson VUE right after to schedule the examination venue, time, and date. The ATT has a validity of approximately 90 days.

On receiving the confirmation from Pearson VUE and receive eligibility from the NRB, the candidate is ready for the test.
Carrying acceptable identity proof (driver’s license or passport)
is a must on exam day. It must contain your photo and signature. The document must be valid and not expired.  

License expired

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), the organization that develops the NCLEX, offers practice exams that are designed to help a candidate have a real-time test experience. They come in practice packages for both NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. The practice packages contain two computerized tests and comprise 125 questions each. The candidate needs to complete both of the tests during the same attempt. Later, the candidate will receive a report of their scores and performance. They will receive a percentage of the questions they have answered correctly.

Examinations are conducted in Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT). Once done with the exam, the candidate has to wait for 4-6 weeks until the results are out. The license is received right after.

Why does it take 1-3 Days after NCLEX To Receive a License?

NCLEX has a double correction method. The score is calculated right after each part is complete. Once by the computer itself and then again after the exam results transferred to Pearson VUE

Results are not released at the examination venues nor, do the invigilators have access to it. The Nursing Regulatory Board (NRB) is the only one who has the results and will approximately send them 4-6 weeks later. In case the result is not received, contact NRB for questions and clarifications.
In some countries/states, the candidate might also access the “unofficial” results in just 48 business hours (exception; only in the U. S.) through Quick Result Services.

driving license

Any irregularity that occurs in the testing or any discrepancy in the invigilator’s identification, misconduct, or the candidate’s involvement in irregular activities might lead to the results being considered invalid. Retaking Exams are available after a minimum of 45 days, the duration decided by the NRB hence reflecting in the ATT provided to candidates.

Hence, the correct procedures followed by the candidates will allow them to receive their license with ease.


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13 thoughts on “How Long After NCLEX To Recieve License (And Why)?”

  1. The availability of practice exams by NCSBN serves as a valuable resource for candidates to prepare for the NCLEX, providing insight into the real test experience.

  2. It is imperative that the test be efficient and use advanced technology, given the high level of responsibility that nurses carry.

  3. The application of computerized adaptive test (CAT) is a significant advance towards modernizing the examination process and emphasizes the importance of technology in nursing practice.

  4. The examination process indeed seems comprehensive, allowing for a thorough assessment of a nurse’s competence.

    1. Yes, the systematic approach of the examination ensures that the integrity and effectiveness of future healthcare professionals are maintained.

  5. The 1-3 day timeline for receiving the license seems efficient and reflects the effectiveness of the double correction method used in the examination process.

  6. It is concerning that candidates are not allowed to review their answers during the NCLEX examination, as the ability to validate responses is a crucial aspect of evaluation in any professional setting.

    1. This aspect requires careful consideration as it directly impacts the candidates’ ability to ensure the accuracy of their responses.

  7. The meticulous process and the double correction method in scoring truly reflects the significance of maintaining the integrity of the examination results.

  8. The detailed explanation of the duration to receive the license post-examination provides clarity to candidates and helps manage their expectations.

  9. The NCLEX application tabulation provides a clear overview of the timeline after the examination and ensures clarity for the candidates.

  10. Avatar of Robertson Ella
    Robertson Ella

    The format of the NCLEX examination seems to put great emphasis on utilizing critical thinking skills and practical nursing knowledge. This truly reflects the demands of a nurse’s profession.

    1. Yes, it represents a substantial shift from conventional knowledge-based tests and aligns with the practical aspects of the nursing profession.

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