How Long After Ombre Brows Can I Work-out (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week at least

The latest trends have made people try the latest procedures, be it on the face or other body parts. And with this arises the question of what to do or what not to do after having undergone this procedure.

Such is the case with this newly trending procedure of Ombre Brows (Powder shading) or Microblading. It is a semi-permanent brow tattoo done with some handheld device. This technique gives you perfect eyebrows for a period of time. In this era of fitness, the main concern for them is when can they start exercising after having undergone this procedure.

How Long After Ombre Brows can I Workout

How Long After Ombre Brows can I Work-out?

Most of the experts advise to exercise and do workouts only after it has been a week to this procedure. Experts advise this time duration to be 10-12 days. The reason is quite obvious. You probably would not want to spoil your brows with sweat. The brows area needs to be protected from any type of wetness whatsoever.

Pay key attention to cleaning the tattooed area. The area also needs to be protected from direct sun exposure. Now that you know why working out is not a good deal for your brows, there are also some other precautions that you need to take.

You should probably avoid swimming, jacuzzi, sun tanning, etc. Picking, scratching, or peeling of the eyebrow area is a big no. You should also avoid cleaning the basement or the garage as it contains a lot of dust particles. If you have undergone the procedure of ombre brows, it may not be good for you anyway.

The consumption of alcohol must be avoided as it reduces the healing speed of wounds. Applying any type of ointment, creams, etc. must be avoided as it may further damage the brows. If you are under certain medications such as that for cancer, diabetes, virals, and so on, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you undergo this ombre brow procedure.

Ombre Brows
Normal1 week after the procedure
Heavy work-outs8-10 days of the procedure

Why Does It Take So Long to Work out After Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows or microblading is a whole new trend nowadays. It can be said as a semi-permanent makeup that makes your eyebrows look thicker, bolder, and bushier. You may also consider it as a tattoo.

‘But does it have anything to do with work-outs?’ You may ask. And the answer is, yes it does. In simple words, when a person workouts, the salt content present in the sweat may fade away the pigmentation. It is better to wait for some time before you continue exercising than to spoil your new tattoo at the very beginning. Isn’t it?

Once you have undergone this procedure, you ought to take precautions. This process of microblading breaks the skin. Hence, the area needs to be protected from any kind of moisture or bacteria. When a person exercises, the sweat produced exposes the area to both.

This further increases the risk of infections. Infections, in turn, affect the healing process of the skin. Besides this, there are also some common effects such as redness or swelling, itching in that area. Infections may further increase this thing.

Work out

If you want to exercise, you might try some gentle yoga instead. Or try walking maybe. Excess of exercising, workouts will affect it adversely and not giving you the on-point result. One week is not that big a deal if you also want perfect brows for yourself. Just give your brows the required time to heal, and then you continue with your work-outs.


It is a good thing that you are keeping up with the trend. While generally, people start exercising after 7 days of the procedure, experts recommend doing so only after 2 weeks or so.

Post-ombre brow/microblading is the time when you need to play smart. If you follow the instructions of the experts, it would be the best. As the more you avoid sweating, the more the retention of the ink will be maximized.

Now it fully depends on you as to what you choose. Also, 1 or 2 weeks is not that big a deal. You may do light exercises and also you get nice eyebrows. A better deal indeed.



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