How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last (And Why)?

How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 Weeks

Mental health is one of the most severe, and most ignorant diseases by almost everyone in the world, and society. There are many disorders related to the mental health of people. The feeling of stress and anxiety is everywhere in the world with every person at least one time in their life. One of the most common types of depression is postpartum depression, which is related to childbirth. Women and men both suffer from these disorders, but the most affected population is women. The women after giving birth go through a number of changes mentally, and physically.

How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last

How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last?

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is also known as postnatal depression, this mood disorder is related to childbirth. The symptoms related to postpartum disorders are extreme sadness, anxiety, stress, low energy, irritation, crying episodes. There are several changes that occur with pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The duration of pregnancy is considered a tough phase in a woman’s life but a beautiful phase too.

The changes during pregnancy are like changes in their body shape, their taste, hormonal changes, and mood swings. It might be a tough phase but a beautiful journey for a woman to be a mother too. She can feel a new life inside her, to whom she nourishes for 9 months inside her body. They sacrifice their whole body for their baby for 9 months.

These sacrifices do not stop with the birth of the child. The actual war or phase starts after childbirth, for whom parents have to change their whole routine. The sleeping pattern is the first thing that changes after the birth of the child, as children wake several times during the night for milk for which the mother has to feed the child. The new mothers suffer the most as they don’t have any sort of experience to handle a newborn baby.

The ladies who have their first child have to face a lot of problems, they almost lose their social life to take care of the child. They are tired all day, feel low and lonely. This postpartum depression lasts for 1-2 weeks which has some common problems. This depression can also last for months in severe cases due to inadequate support from her husband.

Condition Duration
Mild Postpartum Depression1-2 Weeks
Severe Postpartum Depression4-5 Months

Why Does Postpartum Depression Last That Long?

There are many factors that affect the depression rate in people like people with a history of depression are at high risk. The people suffering from psychological stress, complications in childbirth, lack of support by the husband, and a drug use disorder. If this depression is not cured at the proper time the person may suffer from bipolar disorder which may last longer or a lifetime.

There are some therapy advised like interpersonal therapy (IPT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and the drug advisable is selective serotine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These therapies should be taken seriously by the patience, and especially by the family member because the family is a good support system for the patience for a speedy recovery.

There is the biggest myth about this disorder is that only women suffer after childbirth, but it is not like that man also faces some sort of problems after childbirth which is ignored every time. They also suffer from anxiety, stress, sadness, fatigue, and suicidal thoughts. They come under financial stress after childbirth, he have to think about the child’s future about their education mainly. He starts thinking about saving money for his child to give them a bright future.


The child makes the family complete and it is beautiful to experience to be mom and dad for both the partner. This journey might be tough with certain problems but, it is worth it when you see your child with a happy face and a healthy life. This depression can be overcome with the mutual support or understanding between both the partner.


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