How Long Does An MOT Take (And Why)?

How Long Does An MOT Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 minutes

The MOT won’t take more than 60 minutes. The test may get longer if the vehicle will not be able to pass the MOT. Sometimes, the vehicle will ask for some type of repairs and this would increase the MOT time. The MOT section will be available in almost all types of garages. This section of the garage will be filled always, as many vehicles do MOT there.

If someone wants any specific dates or days for doing MOT, then they may have to book it before the day. The vehicles that are 3 years old or above are eligible for the MOT.  The concept of MOT came in 1960, but with very few parts of the test.

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How Long Does An MOT Take?

MOT Test How Long Does An MOT Take
Minimum time45 minutes
Maximum time60 minutes

It’s vital to do the next MOT test before the previous MOT certificates get expired. The validity of the new MOT certificate would be around 12 months after the old certificate is expired. If the car is not able to pass the MOT test, then the person can drive the car till the vehicle will pass the MOT. The person may have to repair or test the car to pass the test without problems.

This doesn’t mean the person can drive the vehicle if the brakes are not working. Driving without working brakes is illegal and this is not acceptable. Sometimes, the person may book the MOT in the garage at the same time, as some garages offer a lot of facilities and deals for MOT.

The person can get the maintenance of the car done on the day when the car checking is going on in the garage. This will save time and would not stretch the time of the MOT. If the servicing period of the car would be over, then the person will have to pay the expenditure separately.

Always go to a trusted garage where the car would be safe, as there are many garages that don’t conduct the MOT properly. The cost of the MOT test would be different for various types of vehicles. People can easily drop the car in the garage if they have a busy schedule. The garage will call the person if the car requires any repair or fails the test.

The whole information about the expenditure of the car would be given by the garage person after making an estimate.

Why Does An MOT Take This Long?

There are a few things that will increase the time of MOT. These are:

If the car is not clean and filled with dirt, then it would fail the MOT. Failing the MOT means more time to reappear for the MOT test. Always try to clean the window and doors of the car as they may get stuck with dirt particles. Clean the cabins of the car completely.

Avoid putting any sticker on the windscreen as it will not allow the driver to drive properly. This will be another reason that will make the driver fail the MOT.

There shouldn’t be any registration issues with the plate. Anybody with a personalized plate should make sure that it is under the rules of DVLA. The lit-up warning light is compulsory for passing the MOT test.

If someone wants to complete the MOT test in just 45 to 60 minutes, then do check the vehicles before taking it for MOT.

Everybody should collect the VT30 certificate from the test center as it would show why the vehicle failed in the MOT. It’s important to make the vehicle roadworthy by fixing any issues in your vehicle. There may be some dangerous faults in the car that needs to be fixed.


If the car is found with some issues and it is required to leave the car in the garage. Then the person will receive a free partial retest if it is done in the next 10 days after the vehicle failed the MOT. It’s not legal to drive on the road if the vehicle did not pass the MOT test. If someone has booked the MOT, then this would be an exception for driving after the MOT expiration.

Keep the MOT certificate safely with you. If somebody lost the MOT certificate, then the person can get the replacement for the MOT certificate.



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