How Long Can You Drive With A P0128 Code (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 500 miles

The coolant thermostat requires to be operated with a specific temperate. Sometimes, the coolant thermostat would not allow the car’s engine to reach the required hot temperature. Many people things that a hot engine is extremely bad for the car.

It’s true that a hot engine is not a good sign, but the car needs to reach the required heat to run properly. The required temperature for the proper working of the car is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. People whose car temperature would be below 160 degrees Fahrenheit would face the error code P0128.

The car works in a close loop to acquire the required temperature. After the car reaches the heat, it would reach the open loop. The radiators of the car would open up in an open-loop to make the car work without any issues.

How Long Can You Drive With A P0128 Code

How Long Can You Drive With A P0128 Code?   

P0128 CodeLength
In miles500 miles
In kilometer804.6 kilometer

There is no such fixed distance for driving the car with error code P0128. As it would affect the fuel economy and emission of the vehicle. There are many reasons that may bring the issues of error code P0128. These are:

If the thermostat is missing or not present in the vehicle, then the code may appear. The temperature will not get down when the coolant thermostat is not present. 

If the coolant temperature sensor is faulty or not working properly. Then The PCM will show the error code due to incorrect departure reading.

The engine’s temperature will get an increase if the wires of the coolant temperature circuit are having some issues. This will cause a sudden increase in hotness in the engine which can have many repercussions for the vehicle. This situation may also cause the error code P0128 to appear.

The absence of a radiator fan is a big reason that the car’s engine will not get cool fast. In this type of situation, the error code may get visible as the car’s temperature can get high at any time.

Everybody should know all the signs of the error code P0128 for helping the vehicle. The most important sign is that the engine would take a long time to get started. This means the engine is not getting the required temperature for getting started. If there are issues with the code, then the idle will get higher as compared to the normal idle.

If someone finds the temperature gauge is low, then this may be a sign of error P0128. The vehicles with the code error P0128 will ask for more fuel. As the engine would take a lot of time to start. Therefore, the use of fuel would be more as compared to normal days.

Why Can You Drive With A P0128 Code For This Long?

Driving is possible with the error code P0128. This type of code is not a big problem but needs to be repaired. People with error codes may have to do the troubleshooting for fixing the error. Taking the help of professionals is vital to not do any type of mistake. No person should try driving more than 500 miles if the code appears.

Not fixing the code for a long time will call for many engine issues for the vehicle. The exact cost of fixing the error code would depend on how many parts are required to be repaired. Fixing the error code issues is not very difficult, but requires good knowledge about the repairing process.

Anybody trying to troubleshoot the error will have to follow all the steps correctly. Any single mistake can damage a few other parts of the vehicle.


The appearance of an error code means the person needs to fix it at the earliest. The vehicle will not stop working if the error code is switched on, but the person should not go for long drives with the code. The code can be fixed by visiting the repairing center as you never know the exact cause of the error code.
Driving no more than 500 miles would be a safe decision for the vehicle and driver.



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