How Long Does A PAC Code Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A PAC Code Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

A PAC code is a commonly used abbreviation for Porting Authorisation Code. This code is nine digits long and enables mobile users to change their network without a change in their mobile number. It is a great way to change the mobile network in search of a better one without any hassle about the new phone number.

A person intending to change their mobile network has to first fill up a form with their prospective new mobile network and enter the Porting Authorisation Code. The new network will then send the message to the old network and work for the smooth transition of the mobile number between the networks. This is a largely hassle-free and quick process.

How Long Does A PAC Code Last

How Long Does A PAC Code Last?

Time RangeTime
In Days30 Days
In MonthsA Month

Asking a PAC code is no herculean task. A person just needs to message “PAC” on the number 65075. The number from which this message has to be sent is the number whose mobile network the user wants to change.

For example, if a user has network X and they want to change it to network Y, they do not have to do much. They are just required to message “PAC” from their network X mobile number. The PAC so received can be used to fill-up the form at the new network to change the network. This number remains usable for a long period.

The Porting Authorisation Code received can be used for 30 days or a month. If the PAC code is not used within this period, it will become redundant. After 30 days, if the user wants to port the number, they might again have to go for asking a new PAC code.

In some cases, users may be required to add certain additional information while asking for PAC. Some networks may ask for the date of birth of the user or any type of information relevant to the user. In either case, the user may get a return message indicating what information is required for getting a PAC code to port the number.

Why Does A PAC Code Last So Long?

There has been a commonly accepted norm within the telecom industry that once a Porting Authorisation Code is generated, it remains usable for 30 days. This system has been prevalent since long after the advent of mobile phones.

The system of PAC is mutually beneficial for mobile network companies. It helps the customers of one mobile network to switch over to a new network without much problem. Through this mechanism, every company has the chance to both gaining and losing customers.

Since businesses like to see the bright side, they are always optimistic about new customers switching to their networks. However, if one company does not allow porting, others will also not allow and they may lose their prospective new customers. Mobile networks being optimistic will remove this hindrance to their trade by providing a reciprocal porting system.

After receiving a PAC code, the customer may not immediately fill-up the form to change their network. They may take considerable time to rethink their decision. If the PAC code becomes unusable before that, the customer may again have to ask for a new porting authorization code and it becomes time-consuming.

Moreover, if the PAC code lasts for a much longer time, it may risk the danger of falling into the wrong hands and maybe being misused. It can be used by some person other than the user who can despite the user’s objection switch their mobile network. To avoid this, a short and crisp lasting time of about 30 days is perfect.


The PAC code is an acronym for the Porting Authorisation Code. This code is of use when a person wishes to change their mobile network on the condition that their number is not changed. This makes the transition to a new mobile network effortless as the customer does not need to share their mobile number with all their friends and family.

The PAC code is effective and can be put to use within 30 days of receiving it. After this period, the code expires, and the user may again have to ask for a new code.


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