How Long Is Code Vein (And Why)?

How Long Is Code Vein (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 40 hours

The team behind the God Eater Series came with another great game. The Code Vein has almost similar features to many other games, but with some latest techniques and features. The Code Vein is focused entirely on the action RPG (roots). The Code Vein (the vampiric anime) game would take some time to be completed.

You have to spend around 40 hours to beat the game fully. The game has almost similar features to the game Souls-like (genre). The game focuses on exploring long and vast areas. You will have the facility to return to a Home Base in between the game.

How Long Is Code Vein

How Long Is Code Vein?

For Single Player Average Time Coverage
Main story25 hours 51 minutes
Main and Extras34 hours 50 minutes
Completionists58 hours 19 minutes
All PlayStyles35 hours 07 minutes

The game takes a lot of time, as the game has many difficult phases to be covered. Players with very less gaming knowledge would find the game Code Vein difficult to understand. The game would take time, as the player would need some time to adjust and understand each and every step of the game.

The area in the Code Vein has many pathways that would take more time. You will get to explore and play a lot of things in each area. There will be a lot of hidden things and items to be searched properly in the game. All these processes involve a lot of dedication and patience to beat the game.

The presence of nook (and cranny) would increase the time coverage for the game. The time to play and explore the nook and cranny would take a lot of time. The areas present in the game would not be the same always, but different in many aspects.
You will take some time to learn and understand the new areas and difficulties.

The alternative areas in the game would come with many other opportunities and things to play. This takes extra time and increases the average time coverage of the game. In the game, you will find more than 13 areas that would be difficult in every aspect. To explore and complete each area you have to take some time.

You need to understand the difference between the areas to crack the game in a short time period. There are players that come without any knowledge, and they don’t even understand the features of the game. Less knowledge about the game would bring many difficulties if you are a beginner.

Why Is Code Vein This Long?

The Code Vein would take 30 to 40 hours to beat. The game has many areas and phases to be dealt with. The time coverage of the game depends on the player’s capability as well. The player’s speed and understanding of the game are vital. If you are someone with good gaming speed and knowledge, then you may beat the Code Vein in a short time.
There would be players with very less knowledge and gaming speed. These players would take more than the expected time coverage. Games like the Code Vein are time taking and difficult. You should do proper research about the game before starting with it. There are many tricks that help in the speedy completion of the game.

The game Code Vein would not be an easy choice for beginners. The beginners have to put a lot of effort into the initial stage. Many players don’t cover the extra things, and this may save the round. There are players who want to understand the game entirely, and therefore you have to cover all the areas.


The game Code Vein is designed in a way to takes some time for the players. The game would be easier for players with experience. The players that lack experience should learn about this game before trying. You can beat the game Code Vein by learning some gaming techniques. The players can learn many tips and tricks for beating the Code Vein in a short time.


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