How Long Can You Go Without Pooping (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 days

Pooping helps in removing the waste present in your body. The process of pooping can easily clear out all the toxins inside your body. The normal human can poop around 3 times every day. The person not facing any problem in popping will have a good digestive tract. If a person finds difficulty in pooping or doesn’t poop for days together, then it will be a problem.

Not pooping for 3 days together can bring some serious health problems. People who are not able to poop for a long time will have problems in the digestive tract. The digestive system cleans out with pooping and works effectively. Many humans can face issues in pooping due to some gastrointestinal and digestive tract disorders.

Constipation is another huge problem for troubling the pooping of humans. There is no fixed schedule for pooping, as everyone poops differently with time variation.

How Long Can You Go Without Pooping

How Long Can You Go Without Pooping?

Days Without Pooping How Long Can You Go Without Pooping
Minimum days without pooping 3 days
Maximum days without pooping 4 days

The maximum time a person can stay pooping is around 3 days or less. This time is fixed considering the average time of not popping. It doesn’t mean not pooping for 3 days would be a great thing. Some people find it very difficult not to poop for more than 3 days. Pooping becomes a habit for many people.

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Constipation could bring many other health problems such as inflammation, stomach ache, and gas. If a person notices the early sign of constipation, then the person should treat it immediately. Some humans tend to poop at the same time every day. Science calls it constipation when a human doesn’t poop for more than 3 days.

In simple terms, not pooping for 2 times every week would be a serious sign of constipation. Not pooping for a long time would call for the issue of constipation. The person who doesn’t poop for 2 or 3 days would face it hard to poop after a long time. The stool inside the body would be stored and become hard with time.

This would be a problem of difficulty in pooping. Constipation and irritable bowel syndrome are some reasons that make people scared of pooping.

Why You Can Go This Long Without Pooping?

Pooping may or may not have a fixed time. There are people that develop pooping as a habit. These people would poop at the same time every day. Some people will have no fixed timing for pooping. Everybody has different ways and times for pooping. People can go days without pooping for a single time. This may happen due to digestive issues or constipation.

Digestive issues are very common these days, as people are not maintaining a proper diet. Eating a modern diet with lots of junk could cause problems in regular pooping. People can maintain good pooping habits if they can consider having a good diet. The traditional diet is a very vital condition to help maintain regular pooping habits.  

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If someone has a proper healthy lifestyle, then the pooping habits would be well maintained. Intestine obstruction can be a reason for people not pooping for days. Bowel (and intestine) obstruction could turn into serious health problems. Bowel obstruction could call for medical help, as it may become worse with time. Washroom anxiety is a serious cause of pooping issues.

Some people find using washrooms very uncomfortable, and these can face trouble in pooping. These people don’t poop for days, as they get stressed by seeing the washroom. There are many medical treatments and guidance that helps in pooping. Everybody facing pooping issues can talk to the doctor for claiming medical treatments.

No human should ignore the issues of pooping, as it can get somebody in trouble (health problems).


Eating habits and lifestyles play a key role in improving human life. Pooping habits are well maintained in people with proper eating habits. Everyone should keep their digestive and gastrointestinal health maintained for avoiding pooping issues.



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