How Long After Moviprep Will I Stop Pooping (And Why)?

How Long After Moviprep Will I Stop Pooping (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 5-6 hours

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure to test the colon of the large intestine for its normal functioning. This test can even help in removing any unwanted tissues or cells present in the colon. It is carried out with the help of a colonoscope, which looks similar to a telescope. It is flexible and has a small camera attached to it by which the doctor views the image of the entire colon. For accurate results, the colon needs to very clean.

It is basically done to detect the reasons behind abnormal behavior of the large intestine. If you face any problems like stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding, or any kind of problems related to the intestine, then colonoscopy can help in detecting the cause of such problems and can facilitate the treatment of such diseases.

How Long After Moviprep Will I Stop Pooping

How Long After Moviprep Will I Stop Pooping?

Minimum Time2 hrs.
Maximum Time6 hrs.

People beyond 50 years of age have risks of colon cancer. Colonoscopy can help in detecting the presence of such cancerous cells in the stomach. If you had any polyps earlier in your life, then colonoscopy is very useful in detecting the presence of any such polyps after the removal of the old ones. There are even some alternatives that can be used as a replacement for a colonoscopy which is comparatively less effective than colonoscopy. X-ray tests and CT scans can replace colonoscopy and more comfortable as they do not involve the use of sedation and radiation.

However, the accuracy of these tests is less as compared to colonoscopy. During the process of colonoscopy, the samples of tissues need to be collected from the body which would be used for investigation and analysis. The process is not painful and the results of the tests are very accurate and appropriate. Sometimes, patients are prescribed sedatives and painkillers which help to reduce pain by making the patient feel drowsy. It should be once in five to ten years.

The number of hours one needs to spend in the endoscopy part of the hospital depends on the amount and dosage of sedation prescribed to you. You should consult the doctor and get complete information from him regarding the process of colonoscopy. Proper complete information regarding the test, diet, and other details can help you go through the test without much pain. The test even requires formal consent from the patient on a legal document.


While consulting with the doctor, you should state to him/her if you have any kind of diseases of heart, liver, lungs, and kidney. You should even take care of the precautions prescribed by the doctor. Proper consultation with the doctor can be beneficial for the patient. A proper diet needs to be maintained before the procedure.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Stop Pooping After Moviprep?

Before the test, you shouldn’t take iron tablets for at least 7 days. Fiber supplements and medication related to anti-diarrhea should also be avoided. Anticoagulants and medication related to diarrhea should be prevented. These medications may react with the process of treatment thereby leading to complications. If you use a pacemaker, dialysis, or any instrument then you should talk about it to the doctor before starting the actual procedure.

Before one to two days of the process, one needs to be very careful about following the diet prescribed by the doctor. Foods containing high fiber content like fruits and vegetables should be strictly avoided. Low fiber food items like cereals, cheese, potato, butter, eggs, rice, dessert, pasta, and bread should be taken in high amounts. This would not hinder the process of bowel cleaning, which is the foremost and most important step to prepare for a colonoscopy.

The process of cleaning bowel movements is known as moviprep. It is the base step that is carried out to clean the stomach before the actual process. It lays the foundation for the insertion of the colonoscope and capturing of images for analysis by the doctors. Before 8 to 10 hours of the process, one should not consume any kind of solid food item. Rather, one should take lots of drinks like water, juice, tea, coffee, etc. Before the move prep, it is essential on the part of the patient to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.


People react differently to the process of bowel treatment. The process may give cramps in the abdomen and stomach pain thereby making you feel uncomfortable. You should always be closer to the toilet as there are higher chances of frequent bowel movements. This cleansing process is started within 20 to 30 minutes of preparation. But, sometimes, they may last for as long as 8 hours.


However, some risks may fear you from going through the treatment. The sedation induced may lead to arousal of chest pain leading from breathlessness. Sometimes, during the extraction and removal of polyps, excess bleeding may take place. There are even chances of the wall of the colon getting torn as a result of the operation. Hence, it is essential on the part of the doctor to assess the health condition of the patient carefully before venturing to carry out the process.

After the treatment, the person is assessed to find out if he faces any side effects of the process like breathlessness, heart disease, or any changes in blood pressure and blood sugar level. However, the risks involved are minimal if the process is carried out by a professional with all the accurate information provided by the patient.


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