How Long Can You Have Lice Before Noticing (And Why)?

How Long Can You Have Lice Before Noticing (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks

The lice can stay for around 6 weeks without showing any symptoms. The lice are mainly found near the scalp of a person which can spread many infections. People with dirty hair are at a higher risk of getting head lice. The lice would survive after having the human blood which would be a big problem for the human body.

The human blood serves as the food of lice which would be the reason why the lice won’t go so easily from the scalp. The lice would stay on the scalp to maintain their body temperature. Some people may see the lice on the eyebrows or eyelashes. The length of each stage may vary depending on the condition of the human scalp.

Bites and itching on the scalp are quite common symptoms of having lice. If the person would not be able to stop the growth of lice in the initial stage, then they may spread very quickly.

How Long Can You Have Lice Before Noticing

How Long Can You Have Lice Before Noticing?

In weeks6 weeks
In days42 days

Some people may not feel lice on their scalp as the growth of lice takes time. During their initial growth stage, they won’t show symptoms such as biting or irritating the scalp. The major symptoms of lice happen when the lice start drinking the blood of humans many times in a day.

Some people will start feeling as if someone is walking on the scalp. This would happen when the lice would grow properly and would start their movement. Pediculus humanus capitis a kind of insect that is only found on the scalp of humans and would not go easily. The person would have to do many treatments for removing the lice on the scalp.

It’s always better to check the condition of the scalp on a daily basis. The person would be only able to see the lice in their young stage if the person checks the scalp with their own hands. There are many combs specially designed to remove the lice from the scalp of the person.

Everyone can comb hair with the lice removal comb to get rid of lice before it is rich in the adult stage. After the lice are properly grown, the lice would start giving eggs which means more lice on the scalp. The lice would get transferred to another human scalp easily.

Why Can You Have Lice For This Long Before Noticing?

The growth of the lice would is a huge factor for knowing how long they can go without notice. The person would start noticing the lice if they start moving on the scalp skin. The blood level may also get reduced if the lice stay for around 5 to 6 weeks.

There are many anti-lice treatments that people can use for killing or reducing the head lice from the scalp. The lice have the capacity of getting stick to the scalp which is another problem why people can remove them easily. Many people may see symptoms such as improper sleeping windows if they have lice on their scalp.

There are some sites where most of the lice would stay. Some people may see lice on the back of the ear of the head as they find this place would be great for hiding. The lice can cause the issues of scalp infections that can get severe in many cases. Many people would see lumps and small wounds on the scalp if they have lice.

The eggs can also cause symptoms such as itching and irritating the scalp. It’s always best to remove the eggs from the scalp to prevent the growth of lice. Most of the time, the people would not see the lice stay for more than 30 days. In some cases, the person would see the lice to stay for more than 30 days if they are not treated with various treatments.


The lice may not show any symptoms for around 3 to 7 days. After one week, people may start feeling the symptoms when they would grow properly. From the stage of nits to becoming head louse, there are many stages included. The person can maintain proper hair and scalp hygiene to avoid the issues of lice.

The children are at higher risk to get lice in huge numbers. People may get confused with the nits or lice eggs as they would look similar to dandruff. Everyone can do lice prevention hair treatment to not get the head lice on the scalp.


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