How Long Do Canaries Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Canaries Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 12 years

The canaries can be a good choice for making pets. Both male and female canaries can live for around 12 years. There are many things that will affect how long the canaries would live. If someone wants a good singer, then they should get male canaries.

The health and habits of the canaries would make a huge impact on how long they would survive. Many canaries die due to health issues and uncomfortable life. To make canaries live long, the person should develop good eating habits in them and should provide nutrient-rich foods to the canaries.

Everyone needs to understand the requirement of canaries and should fulfill it to make the canaries live for around 10 to 12 years.

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How Long Do Canaries Live?

In years12 years
In months144 months

Everyone should give good quality seeds that canaries love to eat. There are many top-quality canaries seeds, which every owner can give to their pets. The quantity of the seeds should be according to the requirement of the birds.

Overfeeding the birds may make them obese which would be a big problem for their health condition. As obesity can host many diseases that would not allow the canaries to live for more than 8 to 9 years. The owners must check the direction of the cage where the canaries live.

No owner should place the cage of the canaries facing directly towards the sunlight. The sun’s rays would produce heat that would cause discomfort to the canaries. Every owner should try to place the cage of canaries where they can get some amount of sunlight, but not the direct heat.

Every owner should give clean and chemical-free water to the canaries. The container in which the water is given must not contain any single dirt particle. Everyone should disinfect the containers in which canaries are given food and water, to maintain the hygiene of the containers.

Nobody should put the canaries in a very small cage as this may cause discomfort to them. If the owners would put the canaries in a big cage, then the canaries would be able to get proper ventilation and space to play.

Why Do Canaries Live For This Long?

The life span of all the canaries would depend on how the person takes care of the canaries. Some owners skip interacting with the birds and this would make them feel uncomfortable. The owner should interact with the birds whenever they get time.

The canaries should be taken for a medical check-up if the owner finds any change in the habits of the canaries. With age, the canaries may not stay very active as they were in their young age. Every canary would practice the respiratory exercise inside their cage.

Therefore, the size of the cage should be quite comfortable for allowing them to breathe properly. Sometimes, the canary can die due to trauma. Therefore, the owner should make sure the canaries are happy and enjoying wherever they stay.

If someone is trying to become a bird owner for the first time, then canary can be an easy choice. As the canary would make good home pets with very little maintenance. If everything goes well, then the canary would survive for 15 years without any issues.

The canaries with very low body weight would not survive more than 5 to 10 years, as they need standard health for survival. Every canary owner can take their pet for a medical check-up every six months when the canary start crossing their young age.

As many canaries may die due to hidden health conditions which won’t be visible to the owners. No person should give low-quality seeds to the canaries. Providing low-quality food can make the canaries die very soon.


The life span of the canaries would be around 10 to 12 years. The genetics of the canaries can be a condition to predict the life span of the canaries. The canaries can live more than 12 years if they get nutritious food and a comfortable lifestyle. Nobody should try to create any type of fear inside the canaries.

Fear and trauma can disturb the mental state of the canaries. The owners can keep the canary physically and mentally healthy to make them survive more than 10 years. The owners should not stop the canaries from socialization. As socialization is a big way to keep the canaries happy from the inside.


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