How Long Can You Stay On HRT (And Why)?

How Long Can You Stay On HRT (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 To 10 Years

Some therapies and surgeries are doctored especially for men, and some specifically for women. While many treatments cure illnesses that are very severe and there are other therapies and treatments for treating uncomfortable symptoms and such.

Women tend to go through various stages in their life, and one of the final ones is certainly menopause. For some, menopause begins and ends well, but for some, there are symptoms before and after menopause. The symptoms can be light, or it can also be uncomfortable and there are relief options for that.

To get rid of the symptoms, a person can choose HRT, which is abbreviated as Hormone Replacement Treatment. HRT is a common treatment method in which medicines containing both estrogen and progesterone are used. This method can also be called a combination HRT and before taking HRT, a person should know how long they can take it without any sort of severe side effects and what are the requirements should be met.

How Long Can You Stay On HRT

How Long Can You Stay On HRT?

Hormone Replacement TherapyTime
The minimum duration a person should stay on HRT5 to 10 years
The maximum duration a person can stay on HRT15 to 20 years
It will be dangerous if a person stays on HRT longer than20 years

HRT is the main treatment that is suggested by doctors when a woman consults with them about getting relief from menopausal symptoms. Menopause happens when the level of hormones escalates or goes down. In this situation, the level of female hormones is very less in the body, because estrogen and progesterone play a very important role in a woman’s body.

When the level of hormones falls, there will be severe emotional and physical symptoms. The main aim of going through with HRT is to restore and maintain the hormone levels so that the symptoms cease after menopause.

Before starting HRT, a person should consult a doctor and get diagnosed if they are suitable to go through HRT. A person can start HRT as soon as they experience menopausal symptoms, and there are no tests required to diagnose this.

A blood test will be drawn, and the person should at least be above the age of 45, this blood test will determine if the woman is going through premature menopause. Any woman who is under the age of 40, is probably going through premature menopause because menopause starts after the age of 50.

Why Can One Stay On HRT For That Long?

There are many types of HRT and a doctor can tell the women what kind of HRT is suitable for them. The two types of HRT are combined HRT and estrogen-only HRT. Combined HRT is suggested for women who have their wombs, and the estrogen-only HRT is suggested for women who don’t have their wombs because they had a hysterectomy. There are many ways to take estrogen in HRT.

Some people take tablets, some stick patches on their skin. There are other ways like getting implants, using estrogen spray and gel, which is applied on the skin and gets absorbed in. Progesterone can be given as tablets and patches combined with estrogen, or it can also be given as separate tablets.

The maximum duration a person can stay on HRT depends on their health, age, hormone levels. The minimum duration a woman can stay on HRT is about 5 years, the average duration is around 10 to 20 years, and when a person stays on HRT for more than 20 years, there could be severe side effects.


HRT is also not suitable for women who have a history of ovarian cancer, uterus cancer, and breast cancer. The women should not have a history of blood clots, stroke, or any kind of heart disease. When women are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is ill-advised to go through HRT.

Some side effects of going through with HRT for a very long time can also lead to side effects like swelling of the breasts, indigestion, depression, vaginal bleeding, headaches, bloating, and even fluid retention.

The women might also go through weight gain. Normally, the menopausal symptoms will stop after 2 to 5 years of going through HRT, but if necessary, a person can stay longer. A person can stay on HRT without going through side effects for about 10 years. After that, the women might experience side effects.


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