How Long Does An Edible Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer- 1 to 2 weeks

Our digestive system consists of various organs and pathway tracts. Everything we intake takes a while to digest. The duration of digestion differs based on the food we eat, drink, and its components. While some stay in our system for about an hour, some might take about a day or more to digest. The effects of your intake in your system differ very much, irrelevant of the time they take to digest it.



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Edible, a popular form of cannabis, tends to stay in your system for about 3 to 12 days. The duration stays in your system varies for every individual. Many reasons influence that.

How Long Does An Edible Stay In Your System

How Long Does An Edible Stay In Your System?

Form of IntakeDuration of Effects
Drinksfive to six hours
Cookies, Gummy Bears, and other solid food itemsup to eight hours
Tinctures, Lozenges, and Candiesthree hours
Smoke or Vapetwo to three hours
(The duration of effects differ from the time it stays in your system altogether)

The duration of how long an edible stays in your system differs based on various reasons. Some factors include the form of intake, your regularity in using marijuana edibles. It also includes your individual health conditions. There is no concrete value or duration found for the effects of edible in your system. They are normally calculated by drug and blood tests.

If you are a regular user, the effects might pertain for more than a month. But, if you use edibles in any form on rare occasions, they tend to stay in your body for about one to two weeks. The edible effects in your system are based on the THC levels in your system.

If you smoke or use edibles in any form or vapor, the effects last for just about two to three hours. Their prolonged effects stay in your system for about a week or two.

But, if your intake of edibles is in more of a solid form, the effects can last up to twenty-four hours and more. The prolonged effects of the edible, on the other hand, stay in your system for about a month, if you are a casual user.

Why Does an Edible Stay That Long In Your System?

However long it may take to process the edibles, the effect can pertain in your blood, urine, saliva, and hair for a while. It is based on the amount of THC you consume from your edible.

The THC levels affect the duration of your effects. They alter your body’s mass index, your metabolism. The effects of THC levels depend on how strong the does are. The final calculation of the duration of edible effects in your system may also differ based on the tests to take to know the values.

According to drug tests, the THC traces can found for about a week. Urine tests can show you the THC remnants of about three months.

On the other hand, Blood tests might show you that a potent cannabis’ effect can last for about three days in your blood. If you are a heavy user, it can persist for more than twenty-eight days.

The effects of an edible tend to stay in your system for about one to two weeks if you are a casual user, and more than a month if you are a regular. When you intake edible regularly, they stay in your blood for a long time. But, if you use it on a rare basis, the effects wear out soon enough.


If you have a high metabolism, have a healthy body and excretory system, the effects of the edibles wear out soon. Intake of edible might be good for your health, a great remedy to cure depression and anxiety. If you consult a medical expert, they will prescribe you a dosage of very small amounts. Once you start using edibles regularly without a limit, it will cause medical complications.

So it is highly advised to stay within a certain amount of intake. You can alter the dose of intake based on the potency of the edible. Remember, the more the potency, the less the intake.



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