How Long CBI After Turp (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 Weeks

Medical science has improved a lot in the last couple of decades. Previously, people used to die in numbers when they were affected by diseases like cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. But due to the recent improvements, the life expectancy of humans has increased. Even if a person suffers from a serious disease, the medical experts can provide their undivided attention without any worries.

But there are a few cases where a few protocols should be followed. In case of a person suffering from trans-urethral resection of the prostate or TURP, he or she should at least take a gap of 5 weeks before having Continuous Bladder Irrigation or CBI. As TURP is a serious kind of operation, the patient requires an amount of time before having any kind of physical stress.

How Long CBI After Turp

How Long CBI After TURP?

CBI After TURP> 5 Weeks
CBI Without TurpNo Time Limit

The 5-week gap between having a TURP and CBI is very crucial. It is an utmost rule that both, the doctor and the patient should follow. In the 5 months gap, the patient is given medications to have a speedy recovery. Frequent checkups should also be done to prevent any kind of medical issue. Physical stress is strictly prohibited under these circumstances.

In medical term, TURP is a urological operation which is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is a surgery that is performed to relocate parts of the prostate gland through the penis. The doctor performing the surgery reaches the prostate by putting a resectoscope, which is about 12 inches long, into the end of the penis and through the urethra.

On the other hand, Continuous Blood Irrigation, or CBI is a process that is used to put the sterile fluid through the patient’s catheter and into their bladder. Bladder irrigation helps in removing and preventing blood clots in the bladder. If it is not done then the blood clots will prevent the urine to flow through the catheter. As time passes, the person will experience a lot of pain due to the bladder filling up with urine.

Having a CBI or TURP is not a natural process but happens due to certain indications. In the case of TURP, it mainly happens when there is acute urinary retention, urinary tract infection, recurrent gross hematuria, etc. While in CBI, it is mainly required due to blood clots in the urinary bladder, resulting in the worst kind of pain for the sufferer.

Why Does it Take Long For CBI After TURP?

As mentioned above, the 5 weeks gap is a necessity. It is not a very long period to wait. A person needs time to heal after a heavy surgery. Reports have shown that most of the people who have had TURP are aged above 50. In that phase of life, a person approaches old age and the body starts to become weak. As a result, the 5 weeks gap may increase depending on the person’s health and how well he or can handle another big surgery.

The indications of CBI happens due to TURP. Due to surgical procedures on the prostate, CBI is required to perform to avoid any kind of medical issues. But even after having CBI, the patient may feel uncomfortable due to the catheter. Just after CBI, the blood clots will not disappear. The blood clots will still be there and the patient will experience bloody urine. As the irritation continues, there will be fewer and fewer blood clots and the urine will turn pink.

The irrigation stops if the patient has had clear or slightly pink urine for more than 2 days. Medications may or may not be given depending upon the condition of the patient. Until the irrigation process is complete, the nurses or the healthcare providers will clear the drainage bag of the patient.


When the irrigation process is complete, the patient will be free from blood clots in the bladder and bloody urine. But there are a few cases, where the patient suffers from bladder pain or has a feeling of their bladder being full. Under these circumstances, it is an utmost priority to consult a doctor. Leaking of fluid around the catheter should also lead to consulting a doctor.

TURP is only done in case of a person suffering from a prostate problem and to avoid further complications, the CBI is performed after a period to make the person well again. It is important to follow the rules and regulations to avoid any kind of mishaps.



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  1. The 5-week gap between TURP and CBI is absolutely necessary considering the serious nature of the surgery. It’s important to prioritize the patient’s health and recovery.

  2. The human body’s ability to heal and recover from such significant surgeries is truly remarkable. It’s a testament to the advancements in medical science.

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  4. Understanding the reasons behind the 5-week gap and the medical processes involved highlights the complexity of these treatments. Patients need proper care and attention during their recovery.

    1. Absolutely, the recovery period should be focused on the patient’s well-being and overall health.

    2. Indeed, it’s crucial to ensure that patients receive the necessary care and attention after such significant surgeries.

  5. The advancements in the medical field in the last few decades have been crucial in saving lives around the world. It’s impressive to see the progress!

  6. While the 5-week gap seems like a long time, it’s essential for the patient’s recovery and overall well-being. Patience and proper care are crucial in these situations.

    1. Definitely, patience and following medical guidelines are vital for the patient’s recovery.

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  9. It’s essential to be informed about these procedures to better understand the time required for the patient to recover. Knowledge can help support patients and their families during the recovery process.

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