How Long Did It Take To Write Hamilton (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 7 Years

Hamilton is an American musical drama movie that depicts American history under the genre of historical fiction. The complete movie and the two songs of hamilton are written and sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

The Hamilton movie is directed and produced by Thomas Kail. The movie was originally planned to be released in theaters on October 15, 2021. However, it was decided that the movie would stream instead of being released in theaters. The hamilton was streamed on the platform called Disney plus on the 3rd of July, 2020.

How Long Did It Take To Write Hamilton

How Long It Took To Write Hamilton?

Part of HamiltonTime
Script of Hamilton7 years
The 2 songs of Hmailton2 years (1 year each)

In the interview, when Lin-Manuel Miranda was talking about how he got inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton and decided to make it reach the masses, he mentioned that though the hamilton movie was extremely successful and people loved it, the movie was never an overnight success. 

He further continued to mention that it took him 7 long years to write the script of the movie hamilton.

Moreover, the span of 7 years that Lin-Manuel Miranda mentioned in the interview was just for writing the script of the hamilton movie. Writing the Hamilton songs was also not a quick process for him.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote 2 songs for Hamilton which were also sung by him only. He mentioned in an interview that it took him one year each to write both the songs for the hamilton. In other words, it took him another 2 years to write the Hamilton songs.

The first song was when the character the main character of the movie, named ‘Alexander Hamilton’ introduces other characters who were in the play. Furthermore, alexander hamilton proceeds to give an insight into some of the major events that would be occurring in the play. It took one complete year for Lin-Manuel Miranda to write this song.

The second song was known as ‘My Shot’, which took another complete year for Lin-Manuel Miranda to write it. The major reason behind why it took him so long to write this song, as stated by him, is because Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to perfectly line each line of the song in the best possible way. He wanted the song, my shot, to be as perfect as possible. 

Thus, to make the song better and even better, it took him a long time to finish it, that was one year.

Why Did It Take That Long To Write Hamilton?

Though the writer of the movie and both the songs of the hamilton, that is, Min-Manuel Miranda never gave enough clarification on when exactly he planned to write anything regarding hamilton, when he started writing and by what time he finished writing the hamilton, but in certain interviews, Lin-ManuelAwardsa mentioned about how long it took him to write the hamilton.

The Hamilton movie is inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton that was written by Ron Chernow and was published in 2004. In an interview where Lin-Manuel Miranda was also present, he mentioned that when he read the biography of Alexander Hamilton, he was swept off, and that was the time when he decided to write hamilton.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda read the biography and realized how a person, who was an immigrant in a completely new country, that was, the Caribbean, lived his life. The way Alexander Hamilton rose from his not-so-good beginnings to ending up in helping and changing the nation for good.

After reading the story, Lin-Manuel was highly inspired by Alexander Hamilton and wanted to make this story reach the masses, and there is probably not any better way than screens to make something reach out to people.


Hamilton was highly popular and loved by people all around the world. Hamilton was counted to be one of the best films of the year 2020. The movie gained a lot of popularity and earned many awards as well.

Some of the awards won by hamilton are, 78th golden globe awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Outstanding variety special, and the American film institute award for the best film of 2020 as well.



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