How Long Have Jenna and Julien Been Together – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Since October, 2013

Love is a magical thing, and many are lucky to find it. Such love is something rare, and something special. Typically, people enjoy seeing couples, especially when they have a lot of chemistry. One such couple who have a lot of chemistry is Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita.



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Jenna Marbles runs the 86th most subscribed Youtube channel and is the 8th most popular channel run by a woman. For many years now, Jenna’s boyfriend Julien has also been involved in her channel and videos, taking on a sort of dual approach. Most viewers will tune in to watch the lives of both of them, as they entertain and evolve as the couple and comedians that they are. But how long have Jenna and Julien been together? And how have they stayed together for so long?

How Long Have Jenna and Julien Been Together

How Long Have Jenna and Julien Been Together?

Jenna Marbles has dated a few different men in her lifetime before meeting Julien. The couple met at a bar that Julien was working for quite a few years ago and quickly became friends. Their sense of humor and personalities clicked from early on, and in October of 2013, we see Julien has begun appearing in Jenna’s videos.

The couple remained friends at first, as Jenna had just gotten out of an unfavorable relationship and Julien had just healed from a spinal injury before taking work at a radio station and the bar that they met at. However, it wouldn’t be long before they would begin dating, which also took place in late 2013.

The couple now creates videos together as well as working on other projects, including a podcast. Fans tune in every Wednesday to watch the couple and their dogs, Marbles, Peach, Kermit and Bunny. Their chemistry and their love are evident, and their personalities match in a way that makes them fun to watch.

Jenna and Julien are the sorts of a couple who are easy to get invested in. They support each other when needed and laugh at each other when it’s not. Their dynamic is funny yet caring, and their personalities match in such a way that it not only makes them entertaining but it also makes them an admirable couple.

Why Have Jenna and Julien Been Together So Long?

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita have been together after they met in 2013. After such, their relationship has gotten stronger. Over time, they’ve become the healthy and happy couple we all love to see today. They’ve recently bought a home together over the last few years and have since adopted another dog, Bunny, who is a rescue.

Jenna and Julien have been together for so long because their personalities match, their chemistry is strong, their senses of humor match, and they genuinely care about one another. Both have been open about how they communicate, and both seem to know their faults and how to improve them.

They’ve been together for so long because they work so very well together, and because the care they have for one another is quite hard to break. Over the last 6 years, they’ve grown not only as a couple but as individual people, which is another important aspect of any strong relationship. This is exactly why they’ve stayed together for so long. Because they have a strong and healthy relationship.

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