How Long Did It Take To Write The Bible (And Why)?

How Long Did It Take To Write The Bible (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 1500 Years

The bible is considered as the holy book for Christians. It is a collection of several books, written by different people which includes religious texts, sacred scriptures, and writings. The bible consists of almost all forms of writings, such as poetry, hymns, letters, essays, prophecies, proverbs, and more.

How Long Did It Take To Write The Bible

How Long Did It Take To Write The Bible?

Timeline of The BibleTime
Beginning of writing the Bible1400 BC
Completion of writing the BibleAD 90

There is not much clarity about how long it took to write the bible. The bible was written quite early and there is not one person who holds the authorship of the bible. Instead, the books of the bible are written by different authors in different periods. 

Moreover, every author who wrote one or more chapters of the book had different paces. For some authors, it is believed that they took years to write the books, while for others, it did not take that much time.

Many scholars and histologists believe that it took approximately 1500 long years to write the bible. However, the question arises that were the authors of the books wrote continuously for 1500 years, what took that long to by the authors to write the bible and so many other questions. 

Though there are certain explanations by scholars and histologists, no one knows what the real truth is. It is believed that the commencement of writing the bible was somewhere in 1400 BC.

The authors of the bible completed their books in certain spans and at the end, all the books were compiled together to make the book called the bible. All of these events took approximately 1500 years to happen, and by the time of AD 90, the bible was completed.

Why Did It Take That Long To Write The Bible?

The time it took to write the bible is not short enough to be considered as a short time. However, the reason why it took that long time to write the bible can be explained using certain theories and explanations as stated by many scholars and histologists.

It is believed that the bible was not written continuously for 1500 years, that means, continuously from the period of 1400 BC to AD 90. There was a gap of around 400 years between the span of writing the bible.

In other words, it can be said that from the period of 1500 years, 400 years can be deducted because, in those 400 years, no advancement in writing the bible was done. Those 400 years was a period of deafening silence when the bible was not being written.

Another theory that explains why it took that long to write the bible is that the authors of the books of the bible have mentioned at certain instances in the book that the bible is not just about god, instead, it is written by god.

In simpler words, it can be stated that the bible is written by god in the form of humans, in the form of those several different authors who wrote the books of the bible. Many scholars believe and have stated that the authors of the books of the bible used to worship God and wait until they believed that the god is now present inside them.

In other words, it can be stated that the authors of the books of the bible used to wait until they found inspiration from God to write the bible. Once they were inspired enough to write about the god in those books, then only they would begin writing.

As a result, it used to take the authors even a longer time to write the books, because they spent most time connecting with God and finding inspiration to write the bible.


It is quoted that all the men who wrote the bible were just human bodies with holy spirits of god inside them. Thus, the bible is nothing but just words of god, and god wrote the bible because he wants his children, that is, us, humans to hear his message through the words written in the bible. 


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