How Long Did Luke Train With Yoda (And Why)?

How Long Did Luke Train With Yoda (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 30+ minutes and six months

In Star Wars “ The Empire Strikes Back”, Luke will be seen training with Yoda in episode 5 which went out (released) within the year 1980. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) was trained by Yoda (Frank Oz) on Dagobah. The training was the Jedi training and thus he became a Jedi Knight.

In the times of the Republic, Padawans would train themselves for a couple of years till they were initiated into the order as a Jedi Knight. Luke’s training with Yoda was curb when he sensed through the Force that his friends were at risk. He took the bait despite the two Jedi Masters dissuading him.

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How Long Did Luke Train With Yoda?

It took Luke quite some time to learn the skills. Thus, he had to pass the tests. In keeping with the events portrayed, that is his journey with Han and Leia on the Millennium Falcon, the young Luke was way for much longer with Yoda than originally thought.

He even used Kenobi’s journal. Luke was making progress during the sessions.

He self-doubted in himself his own abilities and also the power of Force. The concept of how the heavy objects could also be lifted up by only using the mind was not clear to him. His skepticism or pessimism was the source of his failure.

The training was difficult enough which had forced Luke to form his body stronger and then the spirit.

There has not been much clarification on how long the training period was. In summary, Luke had spent a number of weeks training on Dagobah at that point he left from Hoth and there was no detour in it.

His case was special, even Vader (Anakin) told Luke that it is only he who can defeat the Sith Lord.

Why Did It Take So Long For Luke To Get Trained With Yoda?

Yoda was reluctant to coach Luke initially. The several reasons that Yoda gives regarding his training was that he was impatient, angry, reckless, and constantly looking to the long run at the expense of the current. Until learning about his real identity, Luke failed to act dismissive of Yoda. On eventually beginning of training Luke, he fails to learn many of Yoda’s lessons.

Yoda felt that Luke was not ready. He changed his mind quickly which was one more test of Yoda, probing how seriously Luke would take the path ahead, and informing him how much he had need to grow and change to become a real Jedi.

Training one or both of Anakin’s children to defeat Vader was a part of Obi-Wan and Yoda’s long-term decision to bring about the return of the Jedi.

Luke had to start his training by running, handstands, and lots of lectures. He also faces his own Darth Doppelganger who seemed like him while he was traveling with others during a cave. During the training, Luke even loses his ship within the swamp.

Yoda had trained Jedi for over 800 years while Yoda was 900 years old.

Luke even self-trained himself & constructed his own lightsaber (a vital rite of passage for a Jedi).

People with whom Luke trained (the Jedi in Canon and Legends)Duration (total time taken)
With others4 years
With Yoda8-10 weeks
With Yoda canon1 month


Yoda fell sick after Luke was gone. During his last hours, Yoda had revealed on his deathbed another detail from Luke’s past that is – there is another Skywalker.

The last words which he had said to Luke, in it, all his wisdom has been reflected- He asked him (Luke) to pass away whatever he had learned. Failure being most of all. Since failure is the greatest teacher. Yoda said it is a responsibility that we should teach children after they visit for training because they grow beyond us. That is the true burden of all masters.

He (Luke) needed to forgive his father who had turned to the Dark Side and love him as he was and, not who he had become.


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