How Long Does GameStop Holds Pre-orders (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 Hours

Today, GameStop has become one of the giant game supplier retailers across North America in 1984, Texas. Today, it has more than 4000 stores across North America. It is one of the most trusted stores that hold games for all consoles, including Nintendo, play station, Xbox, and many more. The store also offers repairs and many additional benefits.

GameStop’s specialty holds pre-orders for many customers, especially reviewers and streamers, as releasing gameplay before the actual game release makes their views and subscribers grow. GameStop has pre-orders to build trust and market standing.

GameStop grew because of building a large fanbase and mutual trust with the customer. Gameplay today has a 70 percent monopoly in the North American gaming market.

How Long Does GameStop Holds Pre orders

How Long Does GameStop Holds Pre-orders?

GameStop has become the most significant game supplier retailer in the North American markets via the online and offline method and holds a 70 percent monopoly in the gaming market. All was possible because of the connection and mutual trust that GameStop made with customers by listening to their problems.

Pre-orders is a mechanism of making an order to get the product early before the initial release date, for reviewing.

GameStop has always provided a pre-order option to its customers and can hold onto a particular order for 48 hours for the customer. If they fail to show, then the product goes live for the general customers, pre-orders are made for many games that are very high in demand and go off-shelf within a few hours of their release.

GameStop is one of the only gaming retailers that take pre-orders because they have a monopoly and a great customer base that they have to maintain.

GameStop can hold pre-orders a little more than 48 hours for the new customers. It can hold on to order and even provide extra benefits to an old and a regular customer as all the businesses in the world today run-on mutual trust.

Also, if the pre-orders are in a large quantity, the GameStop will, by hook or crook, make the product available as bundles are easy to get, and the GameStop can make a lot of profit on bulk orders.

For instance, after the PS5 rolled out into the markets, people started ordering Ps5 at places like GameStop in bulk so GameStop can make it available within a short period. Moreover, the other play stations were even auctioned amongst the users.

Type of OrderRegular CustomerNew Customer
Single72 Hours48 Hours
Bulk1 Week4 Days

Why Does GameStop Holds a Pre-Order for 48 Hours?

GameStop has become one of the greatest and biggest gaming retailers; by holding onto 70 percent of the gaming market in North America, this was made possible only by creating a network, trust, and respect with their customers.

GameStop holds onto the pre-orders for two primary main reasons that are profit and a great customer base.

Whenever the buyer places a pre-order, the GameStop employees charge an extra amount of money than the actual price that the game or the product will hit the market. Moreover, 48 hours are kept as a barrier to collecting the pre-order because if the customer fails to collect the order, the order will go live. The employees will not be liable to repay the money.

Holding and making games available to the customer before release is an old business tactic used by many and perfectly worked for GameStop and successfully created a customer network across North America.

GameStop holds onto the bulk order for a long-time reason while placing a bulk order; the GameStop earns more profit than a single piece. The payment is made in half; holding on to a bulk order is more beneficial than making the product live as that adds less revenue to the games. 

GameStop never holds a single piece for a long time as the payment is always made in total amount, and the user shows or not the product goes live, as the employees have already made a profit.


GameStop has become one of the largest game supplier retailers in North America, with over 4000 outlets and controlling over 70 percent of the gaming market; that was all possible because of the customer network that GameStop made. It deals in all types of games and accessories.

GameStop also takes and holds pre-orders that make the games available to the user before their initial release date. That is mainly done for two reasons that are profit-making by taking pre-orders and creating respect and a great customer base by listening to their customers and providing them the best services.


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