How Long Can It Take to Get Rid Of Daddy Long Legs (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Few minutes to a couple of hours

Daddy Long Legs fall into the category of the Arachnid species. They have long, thin legs, and a compact body. These critters are often mistaken as spiders. ‘Harvestman’ is another commonly used name to identify them. Most people believe in the misnomer that these creatures are venomous and dangerous. However, research has negated all such claims suggesting they are completely benign.  

In terms of the biological classification, Daddy Long Legs are far closer to the scorpion family. These creatures enjoy living outdoors, although sometimes they may wander into homes and cluttered indoor spaces. In fact, it is quite easy to eliminate these critters when they are found indoors.

How Long Can It Take to Get Rid Of Daddy Long Legs

How Long Can It Take to Get Rid Of Daddy Long Legs

Eliminating Daddy Long Legs is not a strenuous task. Due to their body shape and in-built fragility, eradicating them becomes quite a streamlined job.

Although Daddy Long Legs are not spiders, one can use spidercides to effectively kill them. Spidercides are spider-killing sprays that can be purchased at a local convenience store. Spraying the chemical concoction in the areas where you have seen the critters will kill the arachnid within a few seconds.

Alternatively, a vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of Daddy Long Legs. With a vacuum cleaner, instantaneous results are promised. The vacuum sucks the arachnid, often killing it immediately. Sometimes, a few may survive, but they finally pass out by the time the vacuum bag is emptied.

Bleach is another viable option when trying to eradicate these critters. A half-and-half mixture of bleach and water can effectively kill Daddy Long Legs within a few minutes of contact. Composite pest control of the indoor space will definitely kill Daddy Long Legs as well as any other critter living in the home. But it will take hours for the results to be visible. Moreover, you have to isolate the area for a few days before you can reuse it.

One can also use boric acid to get rid of these arachnids. Using boric acid may take longer than the other methods. If you find yourself confused between the different methods of annihilating these critters, the most judicious choice would be to opt for a mixed method. Combine two or three ways of getting rid of Daddy Long Legs to see swift and effective results.

In Summary:

Method of EradicationTime Taken
SpidercideFew seconds
Vacuum CleanerInstantaneously
BleachFew minutes
Boric AcidFew minutes to an hour
Pest ControlA few hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Get Rid Of Daddy Long Legs?

The time taken to kill these critters depends on the method used by an individual. As these arachnids are extremely friable, all the commonly used tools of eradicating pests work quite swiftly on them. However, one must be careful to implement these methods when the creatures are easily visible. This helps secure instant results.

Vacuum cleaners will help kill these arachnids quite promptly because the suction force used by a vacuum is insurmountable for the body of a Daddy Long Leg. This force practically rips the body of the critter apart. In the rare event of its survival, it will most certainly die inside the vacuum bag due to the lack of oxygen.

Daddy Long Legs can be killed in a matter of a few seconds with a mixture of bleach and water. The chemical composition of bleach is essentially harmful to all insects and pests. Daddy Long Legs too cannot survive the injurious effects of bleach.

Similarly, spidercides are made with a specially curate formula of chemicals. They are designed to suffocate and kill pests. This makes them obvious choices for killing Daddy Long Legs within a matter of minutes.

Using boric acid prolongs the time taken to kill Daddy Long Legs. This is because boric acid molecules generally stick to the body of the critter. After a few hours, they may enter the critter’s system. Ingestion of the powder causes dehydration and death.  However, when using boric acid, one must remain vigilant as it is harmful to both pets and children.


Daddy Long Legs are benign critters. These arachnids are often more of a nuisance than a source of serious danger. The most non-toxic and safe way to remove them would be to release them into the outdoors. This is one of the most humane options available for eradicating these critters.

Moreover, one can take certain precautions to help maintain a pest-free and safe home. Regularly cleaning one’s home and maintaining a clutter-free environment will help reduce instances of pests and bugs. However, in the rare instances that you find a Daddy Long Leg inside, you can easily get rid of it within a few minutes by any of the methods stated above.


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