How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated (And Why)?

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 8 weeks

There are many types of balloons that people can find in the market. The balloons can stay inflated for around 8 weeks, but there are many factors that are to be considered. There are many tricks to let the balloons stay inflated for a very long time. There are many types of balloons that can’t be inflated for more than 3 weeks.

Some balloons are supposed to be inflated with a balloon pump as using your mouth to blow the balloons would be dangerous. When the balloons are inflated, everyone is required to keep a watch over the condition of the balloons. The balloons can easily burst when they come in contact with sharp things.

People need to understand the storage techniques of the balloons to make them last for a long time. The person should select the balloons according to all the requirements. For example, the helium balloons would stay inflated for around 12 hours while other normal balloons would stay inflated for around 20 hours.

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated?

Balloons Stay InflatedTime
In weeks8 weeks
In days56 days

Each type of balloon would have a different time for how long they can hold the air inside it. Some balloons which are very thin may burst in just 15 to 30 minutes.

People need to choose good quality balloons for making it stay inflated for a few weeks. The latex balloons can’t be inflated without the help of helium. The helium is required for inflating the foil balloons which may stay for weeks if they are stored correctly. Sometimes, people don’t store the balloons in the proper place.

These would make the balloons come in contact with children or sharp objects. The helium used for inflating the balloons would not burn and is odorless. People can buy the balloon time helium tank to fill the helium required for the latex balloons.

People would be able to purchase helium-filled balloons from online stores or markets, which can be stored for hours. The air-filled balloons are known for lasting around 6 to 8 weeks if they are tightly tied without any leakage of air. For inflating the balloons with air, people can use hand pumps, which would save a lot of time.

The temperature change would cause the gas inside the balloons to inflate more. The latex balloons can float for less time in the hot temperature. Balloons are always best in the winter season when the temperature is cool. As the heat inside the balloons would cause them to burst easily.

Why Do Balloons Stay Inflated For This Long?

The foils balloons should be kept at a very hot temperature as it would cause the balloons to burst in a few minutes. Never keep the foil balloons in cars or any place where the temperature is hot. If any person fills the balloon at a hot room temperature, then suddenly shifts the balloon to a cool temperature room.

In such a situation, the balloons may start to shrivel due to temperature fluctuation and the person can make it correct by bringing the balloons back to the warm temperature place. People who are purchasing balloons in packets should use them within a month. The balloons would have a longer float time if they are kept indoors.

Tying the balloons properly is vital to prevent them from bursting. The person needs to use strong threads to tie the balloons. If someone tie the balloons with very weak thread or ribbons, then it would allow the air to go outside very easily.


The balloons can stay inflated for weeks if they are stored at the required temperature. The air-filled inside the balloons should be as per requirement. The type of balloons someone purchases would affect how long the balloons can stay inflated. Everyone should follow the correct tying method for making the balloons last long.

Make sure to purchase balloons that are of good quality and prepared using harmless chemicals. Some balloons may contain very dangerous chemicals which can harm the health of a person if enter inside the human body.


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