How Long Does Paint Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Paint Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer :1 to 2 Years

Paint is one of the most used commodities in the world and even though it may seem to be fine kept stored for a while, every painting has an expiry or best before date.Many paints can last for quite a while after the use-by date. There are many types of paint and each of them have their own validity .The most common way to increase the shelf life of any paint is through appropriate storage conditions. Some paints last about the same time as stated on the outer covering but can be revived for further use by a good mix or stir done at many paint shops.

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How Long Does Paint Last?

Paint is one of the most versatile and one of the most used products in the world painting is something that can add color to almost anything and everything around us. But, due to its many functions, paint also comes in different types, watercolors, oil paints, spray paints, wall paints, floor paints, etc. Different colors are available in the different types of paint.

In the case of the very commonly used spray paint, an unopened paint tin is usable for even 10 – 15 years if it was kept under ideal conditions, and opened paint cans frequently stay great for a few years as well. However, don’t utilize the paint aimlessly – continuously check the quality, to begin with. Certain paints might thicken and it can clog your paint sprayer, it depends on the sort of paint sprayer if it is at that point still suitable.

Oil-based paints and other solvent-based sorts last the longest, up to 15 years if it is put away legitimately under adequate conditions. Water-based paints moreover last exceptionally long under the correct conditions, approximately even 10 years.

Type of PaintShelf life
Oil Paint3 to 15 years
Chalk Paint2 to 5 years
Milk Paint1day to 1 week
Acrylic Paint1 to 10 years

Why Does Paint Last That Long?

Paint as we know it now has not always been the same. It has developed from basic pigments available in nature to a more complex chemical-based substance available in almost every color and shade available. While all paints sold in tins or cans may look alike, there is a big difference in their composition and type which in turn causes the requirement of specific storage conditions for each. Paints of different kinds have different shelf life periods. This is due to the chemical composition of these different paints.

Latex paint is one of the most versatile and widely used paints since its usability in both exterior and interior conditions gives it an advantage over the rest. Being a water-based paint, it can last for even up to 7 and in some cases 10 years. The shelf life may reduce considerably if the storage conditions are not favorable. Freezing conditions or even very cold temperatures can destroy the paint life and quality extensively.

The next type of paint which is also widely used is chalk paint, especially white chalk paint. It is a very smooth paint and has great utility when it comes to furniture and other small to medium-sized items. This paint can give different textures based on its usage like a matte finish. The chemical composition of this paint allows it even up to 5 years of storage considering it stored well.

The paint which is commercially used but still has the shortest lifespan is milk paint. It is one of the most harmless paints and is an ideal choice for children due to the absence of chemicals. This paint contains milk proteins has a shelf life of a day to a week depending on the type of paint and its storage. When sealed tightly and securely, this paint can last up to a year.


Different paints last for different amounts of time as mentioned above. The key factor that determines the ultimate shelf life of these is the storage conditions. One great way to make the paint last longer after opening will be to cover the opened container with plastic and then close it.


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