How Long Do Bean Last in Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 To 7 Days

Beans are a tasty and nutritious dish that can be used for many purposes like tacos and burritos filling and have become a portion of food in many western countries today. Beans are available mainly in two variants that are dried and canned.

Beings are food that people prefer to buy and cook in a considerable quantity. This is because beans have a great shelf life, even lasting to 6 months period once frozen. 

The cooking procedure can be lengthy. That is why beans are cooked and even brought in bulk and then used as any other food by defrizzing and cooked differently for every dish.

How Long Do Bean Last in Fridge

How Long Do Beans Last in Fridge?

Beans are a tasty food and, at the same time, healthy with a lot of nutrient value, available majorly in two packings that are dried and canned. Dried beans are considered more beneficial as they are cooked from raw, including boiling and cooking, by adding other components. Moreover, on the person’s preference, salt adds extra salt as it is the most excellent form of preservation.

Different beans that are then dried and canned beans act differently while kept in the refrigerator or frozen. The canned beans last more in the fridge since the canned beans already have a significant amount of preservation being a canned food. In contrast, dried beans have a lower shelf life than canned beans relatively.

Beans have a single category: chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, baked beans, etc. Making beans is the same for all that includes washing, boiling, and adding a significant amount of salt while cooking as it has to be preserved for a more extended period; all the beans have the same shelf life irrespective of their category.

The reason that beans last a lot is because of the content, uncooked and only boiled beans can last longer than cooked beans as boiled, and cooked beans can be quickly frozen as freezing can easily delay the spoilage as bacteria doesn’t act on the frozen food.

Canned beans only have preservation in a large quantity, whereas salt is added to dried beans; preservation is why beans have a great shelf life.

Types of BeansRefrigerationFrozen
Dried Beans3 to 4 Days3 Months
Canned Beans5 to 7 Days5 Months

Why Beans Last 5 to 7 Days in Fridge?

Beans have a great shelf life because of two significant factors: the preservation and freezing of the food.

Two types of beans are canned and dry, and these are the ones majorly consumed across the globe through many more forms. They are present. Both canned beans and dried beans have a different ways of reacting to preservation and freezing.

Canned beans have significant preservation as the food is canned and comes with the best before. Still, the expiry date is for an unopened can, but the food cannot last until the expiry, but the canned beans can easily place in the fridge that can last for at least six days frizzed, the beans can go as long to 5 months.

Dried beans have a different shelf life, as the beans have to be cooked and then preserved for later use, salt that is the most readily available preservation is added. Still, sodium is fundamental preservation; the dried beans can last three days maximum in the fridge. After that, the beans go stale, but if the beans are boiled, preserved, and then frizzed, it can easily last three months.

Though after the beans are preserved and then freeze, the food goes stale after every period. The beans go stale and become un-fresh that ultimately leads the beans to lose their nutritional values, as freezing and de-freezing the food can lead the food to lose the nutritional value. The reason is constant freezing, un-freezing, and boiling.


Beans are the tastiest yet the healthy food because it has different types of nutrition and minerals. Moreover, the beans have a significant amount of shelf-life; this is why beans can be stored and even cooked in a large amount.

The primary reason beans have a significant amount of shelf life is preservation; beans come in two categories, canned and dried categories.

Canned beans have a great shelf life because being canned food has an excellent preservation amount, but canned beans have less healthy than actual beans.

Dried beans have a less preservation amount as dried beans have to be preserved at home by adding salt, which is the most basic preservation, but dries beans have a tremendous nutritional value.


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