How Long Do Brussel Sprouts Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 month

Vegetables are a great addition to nearly any meal. They’re healthy, tasty and full of nutrients that our bodies need to continue normal function. Because of this, everyone tends to have a favorite vegetable. And depending on just who you ask, that favorite vegetable just may be Brussel sprouts.

Brussel sprouts are a great choice of vegetables as they’re full of Vitamin A and other important nutrients. Not only are Brussel sprouts great nutritionally, but they’re also rather delicious as well. And because of this, they’re great to add to many dishes, or just to eat on their own.

However, with any vegetable, you may be wondering how long do Brussel sprouts last and why do they last that long?

How Long Do Brussel Sprouts Last

How Long Do Brussel Sprouts Last?

The amount of time Brussel sprouts lasts for depends on the method of storage primarily. Because Brussel sprouts are a sturdy vegetable, their times may be on the longer side compared to other vegetables. For instance, when stored:

  • Fresh, on the counter- Freshly picked raw sprouts left out at a normal room temperature, which is not too hot, nor too cold, should keep for about two weeks.
  • In the refrigerator- Fresh raw sprouts kept in a container in the refrigerator may last for about a month, though they may lose their taste beforehand.
  • In the freezer- Brussel sprouts in the freezer have an incredibly long shelf life of around 12 to 16 months, even pre-packaged frozen varieties tend to last this long.
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To summarize:

Brussel Sprouts StorageLifespan
Fresh, raw on the counterAbout 2 weeks
Fresh, raw, in refrigeratorAbout 1 month
In the freezer12-16 months

It should be noted that cooked Brussel sprouts will spoil quicker than raw Brussel sprouts. For cooked sprouts, the most amount of time one should store in the refrigerator is around 3-5 days, after that, the sprouts may be spoiled. Frozen cooked sprouts will last much longer.

Why Brussel Sprouts Last That Long

Brussel sprouts are an amazing vegetable for their ability to stay edible and fresh for so long. Unlike other vegetables, Brussel sprouts are more solid and contain less water content. Because of this, they tend to spoil at slower rates.

However, any Brussel sprout will spoil after enough time, especially if they were cooked prior to storage. Never leave cooked Brussel sprouts out on the counter for more than 1-2 hours to prevent harmful bacterial growth.

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Brussel sprouts will spoil because they are a perishable food, consisting of organic materials that tend to spoil. Because Brussel sprouts are indeed organic matter and don’t feature the preservatives that other foods have, they’ll tend to go bad if kept in the wrong temperature, or if they’re kept for too long as well.

Brussel sprouts are a great vegetable choice, but they do spoil and lose flavor. Always remember to place your Brussel sprouts in a suitable storage container before storing them. One should also store their cooked sprouts as soon as they’re able to do so to prevent any bacteria growth or spoilage.

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    1. I’m not a fan of how they taste raw, but I have to try cooking them in the freezer! Who stored them there?

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Brussels sprouts, but this article definitely provides some insightful information.

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