How Long Do Cats Stay In Heat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 days

Lately, cats and dogs have gained remarkable popularity on social media platforms. Being physically attractive, people prefer cats and dogs as pets. Being exceptionally cute and having comparatively less aggressive traits, cats are next to none. Even if cats are popular on social media reels, there is so much more to them which people must know.

Cats can stay in heat for six days. The heat cycle may begin in female cats from four or five months.

How Long Do Cats Stay In Heat

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How Long Do Cats Stay In Heat?

American CurlMore than 15 years
American Bobtail13 to 16 days

Cats are carnivores and small-sized mammals. The scientific name of cats goes like Felis Catus. 

Talking about their life span, it ranges from 4 years to 16 years. It depends on the environment they are living in. Cats belong to the Felidae family and, Felinae is the sub-family. 

Cats can run significantly fast in the wild with a maximum pace of about 48 kilometers per hour (they do not prefer running that often). The gestation period in cats is said to be 55 to 68 days at maximum.

The heat cycle in cats is technically called the estrous cycle. This procedure is part of a female cat’s life. Male cats are not attached to this cycle at any point.

Mating Cat

The estrous cycle is a reproductive procedure that comes into play after a female cat reaches her puberty stage. Cat’s heat cycle or the estrous cycle starts when a female cat’s age touches six months. 

After six months, a cat comes to know about his/her sexual maturity and craves for his/her opposite gender. It’s the same hormonal change the human beings go through after being adolescents.

Why Does A Cat Stay That Long In Heat?

There’s a fun fact about a male cat. As soon as it comes to know about the sexual needs, a male cat beckons the female cats by his urine scent. This is how the signal system works among cats. 

Anyways, a cat’s heat cycle has multiple stages. When a female cat is receptive or in heat, that particular stage is the ” Estrus cycle”. Cats undergo multiple cycles during the breeding season.

That’s why it is said that cats are seasonally polyestrous. The heat cycle’s period may vary as per the environmental factors like the amount of sunlight, humidity in the atmosphere, and diet. 

Unlike human beings, cats rarely bleed during the heat cycle. That’s why it is difficult to get hold of the symptoms. However, the whereabouts of the heat cycle can be found by observing their behavior. 

Cats do not get aggressive during the heat cycle. They instead become demanding and affectionate. They are most likely to demand complete attention from their owners during the period. 


There is a significant chance that the female cats may urinate more than before. The average pregnancy period in cats is said to be nine months or eleven months at the maximum.

It is common practice with domestic cats that the owners stop the cats from knowing about sexual needs by surgery. The procedure is done under expert surveillance. Doing this can avoid unnecessary complications with pet cats. 


People know just the surface idea about how to pet a cat but most people have a negligible idea about the core details. There are many more such complications to handle.

The sexual maturity period is psychologically fragile for cats. Just how it works when a girl is on her periods. The best way to avoid unnecessary problems is to obey the vet.

Keeping an eye on the behavior of the female cat can also help in locating the upcoming situations. A female cat during her estrous cycle needs ample care from the owner and the owner must keep this fact in mind.

The heat cycle is a very important part of a cat’s life and matters to the whole cat family. 



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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