How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat (And Why)?

How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Weeks

Members of the animal kingdom and human beings form Fauna. Everyone under Fauna contributes to nature and gets a ton of things in return. Every action of an animal is somehow related to the balance in nature. Every animal chain is interconnected and the kingdom runs depending on it. 

Starting from six months old to throughout the rest of her life, a female dog will go into heat or experience estrus, every six months. This is the period when she is receptive to male dogs or ready for mating. Hormonal changes will cause pronounced differences in a female dog that will indicate she is in heat.

How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat

How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat?

Types Period
Female dogs (on average)2 to 3 weeks
Chihuahua3 to 4 weeks

A dog can experience their heat at the age of six months but it varies in different cases. Smaller breed dogs experience estrus earlier rather than larger breed dogs. From early in the cycle female dogs are not receptive to male dogs, though some are receptive throughout the entire cycle. 

It can be shorter or longer and a person can know whether the cycle is over or not. When the vulva comes to its original size, there is no bleeding or discharge anymore.

There is a relatively small hole when the dog is more receptive to male dogs during the heat cycle. It may begin about nine to ten days after she experiences estrus and lasts about five days. However, she can become pregnant until the end of the cycle.


When one cycle starts, it may take some time for the cycle to become regular. Some of the dogs take the time up to eighteen months until their cycle becomes regular and It is a good idea to keep a record during these starting days. Once it starts, the average is about every six months.

Smaller breeds may experience estrus more frequently about to here to four times in a year. Larger breeds like great games may only experience estrus every twelve to eighteenth months. Like humans, female dogs can go into heat throughout their life though, the time gap between two cycles will get longer.

Why Does A Dog Stay In Heat For That Long?

During the estrus period, the female dog experiences symptoms like the discharge of blood, swollen vulva, clingy behavior, and aggression towards male dogs. In other words, the estrus phase is a mating phase where the female dog will be receptive to males. 

One interesting and funniest thing about a female dog is she will present herself in front of a male dog by raising her rump and holding her tail off to the side.

Except for the breeders of purebreds, most pet owners elect to spay their female dog before the first estrus. Many of the experts believe that it avoids the risk of mammary cancer. It avoids other conditions too. 


It eliminates any existence of unnecessary litter. A puppy is expected to go into the heat faster than a grown-up.

Dogs are individuals with a unique reaction to the things they face throughout life. If it is a matter of crying while in heat, not all the dogs cry while they are in heat. The female dog can bear their heat cycle where humans can’t bear their menstrual cycle.

Female dogs cry while heat to seek the male’s attention. The heat lasts for two to three weeks in dogs but someone can notice bleeding during the first two weeks, and gradually bleeding decreases. The time of heat varies from breed to breed.


Female dogs cry while in heat to seek the male’s attention. Many people don’t notice dogs in heat. It is good to make the female dog sterile before her first heat cycle. In any case, a new resume dog goes into a heat cycle the vet suggests letting her done.

Sterilizing a dog decreases the chances of mammary cancer in dogs. Pyrometry is another deadly cancer in the uterus that requires immediate surgery to remove the ovary from the female dog’s body.

While in heat the female dogs are very aggressive towards the male dogs and vise versa. The owner should keep in his mind that does not leave the female dog alone and to take proper health care of the dog.


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